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Abstract:Humanity has seen four industrial revolutions since the 1700s, the most recent being Industry 4.0, which emerged around 2010. Industry 4.0 takes all the computing advances made from the late 1900s and throws in ideas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology, the Internet of Things and virtual reality, to name a few. These advances allow for automation on a smarter level and for more people to be connected in more effortless ways. With the rise of Industry 4.0 also comes the idea of Quality 4.0. Quality 4.0 represents shifting paradigms in the quality world from efficiency and effectiveness to continuous learning and customer …

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Very interesting
--Graça Silva, 04-02-2019

--Andrea Maio, 10-03-2018

Very interesting article. The world is changing at very fast pace and so does every tool that we use.
--Jean-Claude Kindarji, 10-03-2018

--Tulio Martí, 10-03-2018

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