Modbus flow totalizer

Tool for local and remote readout of Turbine Meters

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry has introduced the ModQ Sentry, a modbus flow totalizer that interfaces with pulse-type inductive turbine flow meters to provide instantaneous flow rates, accumulated totals and status information. Units are configurable for volume and time settings, and offer options to configure the K factor to match the turbine. The ModQ Sentry maintains an internal 30-day log of daily flow totals for historical analysis or backup storage.

The ModQ is ideal for data management of turbine flow meters in new and retrofit installations for a variety of industrial applications such as oil and gas, metals and mining, water and wastewater, chemical, power, food and beverage, pulp and paper, aerospace and pharmaceutical.

www.signal-fire.com/modq-sentry | support@signal-fire.com


Devices measure low light and detect short pulse

Marktech Optoelectronics has released silicon avalanche photodiodes (Si APDs). The Si APDs offer low-level light and short pulse detections of wavelengths between 400 nm and 1,100 nm. They are offered with choices of a 230 μm or 500-μm active diameter; optical sensitivity optimizations for 800 nm or 905 nm peak response; an internal gain mechanism; high gain at low bias voltage; extremely fast rise times, as low as 300 ps; frequency response to 1 GHz; and a low breakdown voltage of 80V to 200V. Units also are RoHS compliant.

Typical applications for Marktech Si APDs include laser counting, X-ray spectroscopy, optical data communications, light detection and ranging instrumentation, optical rangefinders, spatial light transmitters, scintillation detectors, fast receiver modules, particle detectors, industrial surveying equipment, automated toll collectors, astronomy observation devices, and vehicle self-braking and self-parking systems.

www.marktechopto.com | 518-956-2980

Monitoring system

Metering system streamlines energy monitoring

Onset’s EG4100 series power monitoring systems combine revenue-grade power metering hardware, a full suite of current transformers and cloud-based energy visualization software. Using the integrated systems, building owners, property managers and facility managers have a simple solution to help manage the energy use of their buildings.

The EG4100 series combines an energy meter, data logger and web server into a single integrated unit. It functions primarily as a current transformer (CT) meter that works with standard CTs and Rogowski Coil-based sensors.

With the EG4100 series, users can monitor a range of energy parameters, including volts, amps, kilowatt hours and power factor.

Custom alerts enable users to take action if energy readings fall outside set parameters.

Reports on energy production versus energy use support green building initiatives. Daily, weekly and monthly summaries provide the ability to understand energy-use patterns over different time periods.

www.onsetcomp.com | 800-564-4377

Power supply

Universal switching power supply

Schurter accessorizes its illuminated metal line switches with the universal switching power supply (PSUP) 24 VDC. The Class II power supply supports a full range of point and ring illuminated metal line switches rated for 24 VDC supply voltage. The PSUP also is suited for a wide variety of indoor lighting applications.

The PSUP housing is insulated and rated IP42 for indoor use. The operating temperatures may vary between −30 and +70°C. The PSUP 24 VDC is protected against short circuit, overload and overvoltage.

The switching power supply unit was initially developed to support Schurter’s metal line illuminated switches. However, it is suitable for supplying power to a wide range of indoor applications.

www.schurterinc.com | 800-848-2600

Remote switch actuator

Actuator features push-button operation

CBS ArcSafe, a leading manufacturer of remote racking and switching solutions for low and medium-voltage switchgear, introduces its redesigned remote switch actuator (RSA) for the ABB/BBC/ITE LK air circuit breaker (ACB). The RSA-114 features improved push-button operators for easier, more accurate setup, as well as an upgraded locator that grips the breaker face, rather than resting on it.

Typical applications include protection and control of low-voltage power distribution systems up to 635 V AC. The RSA-114 is a solution for keeping operators safe when using ABB/BBC/ITE LK breakers. The RSA unit allows technicians to remotely close or trip an ABB/BBC/ITE LK ACB from a safe distance of up to 300 feet, well outside the arc-flash boundary.

Optional features include a radio remote with a range of up to 300 feet, 24 V DC LED light, wireless video camera system with an LCD monitor and rugged protective case assembly.

www.cbsarcsafe.com | 877-472-3389


3-D laser scanner works onsite

Hexagon AB’s Leica RTC360 is a laser scanner equipped with edge computing technology to enable the creation of 3-D models in the field. The RTC360 combines high-performance laser scanning, edge computing and mobile app technologies to pre-register captured scans quickly and accurately.

Two million points per second of high-dynamic range imagery can be captured to create a full-dome scan in less than two minutes. Laser scanner movements between setup positions are automatically tracked by a visual inertial system while scans are combined and preregistered on a mobile device, where they can be viewed and augmented with information tags—saving precious time and speeding up decision-making right from the field.

The RTC360 was designed for construction professionals, plant operators and public safety officials who face complex projects with tight constraints. It provides a way to capture worksites and processes and visualize that data for immediate decision-making.

www.hexagon.com | 404 554 0972

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