Tried and Retooled

Combined approaches for better results

New twists on traditional quality tools are always welcome additions to the quality body of knowledge. I often receive reader feedback sharing how people have been able to use or adapt these tools to their own projects and improvement efforts. In this issue, a couple articles fit the bill, both of which tap into the power of leveraging multiple tools to attain a superior result–more than you could with one tool alone.

I remember learning to build campfires in Girl Scouts. You needed tinder, kindling and fuel in subsequent order to set the fire ablaze. “Branching Out,” unveils a new tool that uses that concept in reverse to get to more granular levels of detail. The tool—called a measurement tree—can help teams assess whether improvement efforts are moving the needle. Measurement trees use several different measures to help teams keep a pulse on the efficacy of their activities. This article details those five measures, and includes a brief case study on one organization that used measurement trees effectively.

As stated in “Sticking Out the Storm,” sticky-note brainstorming is nothing new, but the author outlines a new way to combine individual and group brainstorming with the power of affinity diagrams, interrelationship diagrams and cause and effect diagrams to get clearer and more actionable outcomes while overcoming some of the weaknesses of traditional brainstorming.

By now, you’ve likely heard about myASQ, a centralized online community that offers networking and sharing to members of the quality community around the globe. Recently, we debuted a discussion board specifically for QP, so if you’ve got feedback or questions on an article, head over to my.asq.org and create a new post. We’ll also post an alert for when the new issue is live each month, as well as the Reaction Gauge question where we ask for your opinions on timely topics. Keep that feedback coming!

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