I wanted to thank you for using the Polaroid SX70 film format to capture the images of people for both the cover of the June 2018 issue and “Clashing or Compatible?” (pp. 18-25). That format brings back many memories for me.

Thomas Hutchinson
East Greenwich, RI


In response to “Try This Today: A Winning Combination” (June 2018, p. 64): This is an interesting concept, and one that I want to try. We have a current situation where this may work well. Thank you for the new perspective.

Debora Jolly
Benton, KY


The July 2018 Expert Answers (pp. 8-9) highlights two key factors when digging for and deciding root cause: the commitment or determination, typically from management, to completely address the problem and the corrective actions (or investment) to address the identified root cause.

Gary Jing
Edina, MN

CORRECTION: In last month’s Seen&Heard, the reader response to “Standard Issues: Paddle Like the Dickens” was incorrectly attributed to Ferenc Nagy. The correct attribution is Jeffrey Braggin.

The Reaction Gauge

This month’s question

From a simple check sheet to complex matrix data analysis, it’s safe to say everyone uses quality tools. What is your favorite quality tool and why?

Send us your take at editor@asq.org. Or join the discussion on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/groups/3633.

Last month’s question

There are countless degrees, certifications and training programs out there designed to help people further their careers. What is the single most important training or certification you’ve received that has helped you in your career? Why?

Al Smith, Richburg, NY, writes:

The informal training by an excellent mentor.

Sandy S. Weiss, Tampa, FL, says:

I don’t think there’s a single certification or degree, but a combination of the above in addition to experience.

Janet Lentz, Philadelphia, explains:

I am a certified professional coach. Although I don’t do it for a living, it has been quite attractive to many employers and probably the tipping point that got me at least one job.

Sharky Watkins, Tampa, says:

In my experience, it was the quality engineer certification (CQE), which covers many topics in quality assurance and quality control. The CQE was perfect for a new graduate with four years of quality control inspector experience who was ready for the next career step. As my career progresses, so does my knowledge, and I went on to gain seven additional certifications.

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