Basic switch offers sealing protection

Otto has announced the B3S sealed double break basic switch. Sealed to IP68S, the B3S offers enhanced sealing protection. It has been tested to 1 million cycles at logic level. The sealed switch is also capable of handling up to an 8-amp resistive load.

Multiple terminal styles and wire lead options are available, including single-turret solder style, double-turret solder style, quick connect, PC pins and wires with varying lengths.

Otto’s B3S is designed for use in places where space is limited, and is available with or without lever actuators. The switch also can be used as part of pushbutton, trigger and toggle switches that require reliable sealing for demanding applications.

www.otto-controls.com | 847-428-7171


Ultrahigh-speed camera offers quality images

Vision Research’s Phantom v1840 provides high image quality at 18Gpix/sec. at full 4-megapixel 2,048 x 1,952 resolution.

To provide users in research applications with flexibility, the v1840 comes equipped with five operating modes, including standard; high-speed (HS) mode, with 34% more throughput; binning in standard and HS modes for higher sensitivity and frame rates; and bright field (BF) for exceptionally bright, or shot-noise limited, backgrounds.

In BF mode, the Full Well is significantly larger, increasing the maximum attainable signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR). A higher SNR produces a cleaner image, especially in bright background applications, such as daylight sky or LED back-lit applications.

www.phantomhighspeed.com | 800-737-6588


Motor feedback systems feature new options

SICK has released the SES/SEM70/90 motor feedback encoders. The SES/SEM70/90 are motor feedback systems offered in 25-mm and 55-mm diameters that use holistic sensing capacitive technology, making them unaffected by external influences such as electromagnetic interference and humidity.

The SES/SEM70/90 can be directly mounted onto the shaft without additional mounting tools for quick installation and makes transmission components, such as timing belts or couplings, unnecessary. The SES/SEM70/90 have single and multiturn versions available. The mechanical multiturn function takes additional revolution measurements without the need for additional components, such as external batteries and cables.

www.sick.com | 952-829-4728

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Technology helps to complete flight missions in less time

Leica Geosystems has released the Leica Aibot, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system based on DJI’s aerial platform. The UAV technology allows users to get a complete data set in less time.

Leica Geosystems’ software suite supports the new UAV workflows. Using Leica Infinity for point cloud, digital surface model and orthophoto generation enables surveyors to process and visualize aerial data to maximize productivity and speed up data delivery.

Throughout a project’s life cycle of planning, designing and construction, Aibot provides access to the necessary information to perform volume calculations and monitor site progress. From creating digital terrain models, to stripping and bulk earthworks and trenching, to fine grading, paving and compaction, the solution supports easier actuals comparisons. This provides a transparent view of site progression monitoring and volume calculations with safer operations to keep projects on schedule.

41-41-727-8960 | www.leica-geosystems.com

X-Ray system

High-energy application inspection

VisiConsult’s XRHGantry version is designed for the inspection of high-energy applications for thick and heavy parts. Typical use cases are in the aerospace and defense sectors. The system is equipped with a 600kV X-ray source and can be upgraded to linear accelerators or Betatrons. The automated cart can bring parts into the system on rails.

Designed to allow a flexible inspection process, nine independently CNC controlled axes let the XRHGantry fulfill even the most advanced requirements. Additionally, the system is equipped with a 16-inch digital detector, a tube-sided shielding bar and an ultra-precise diaphragm. The high precisions of the turntables allow even computed tomography scans of the objects. The system was especially designed for tangential real-time inspection of solid-state rocket motors. Nevertheless, the system can be adapted to many applications.

The XRHGantry system is designed to speed up the inspection process by using digital X-ray detectors. The image enhancement, handling system, safety control and DICONDE storage are bundled into one comprehensive workstation for maximum convenience.

0049 (451) 290 286-0 | www.visiconsult.de

Thread inspection system

Operates alone or with an optical comparator

Johnson Gage has released the JCR runout and concentricity inspection system for verification of cylindrical runout.

The JCR can be used alone or with an optical comparator for verification of geometries in cutting tool products.

The JCR incorporates precision datum rolls, a unique upper tension roll assembly, and integral axial stop pins to assure proper part staging and absolute gage accuracy.

In addition, the organization will feature its thread inspection system for the verification and in-process control of reverse-angle buttress threads commonly used in anti-splaying medical devices, such as orthopedic implants.

800-245-4243 | www.johnsongage.com

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