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Abstract:Careers in quality can be challenging, but fulfilling for most. Five key attributes linked to career success, especially in quality, are flexibility, good listening skills, a calm demeanor, value and integrity. Flexibility allows for a professional to assess any situation and quickly adapt in order to lead a team or complete a quality initiative. Being a good listener is imperative for anyone with their sights on management positions, as managers spend a considerable amount of time listening. Keeping calm during stressful situations is especially vital for quality professionals, as they are most often looked to when things go wrong with a process or improvement initiative. Bringing value to a team or organization will allow for promotions or raises in the future and will garner respect from others in the organization. Finally, integrity is important for a quality professional, as they are sometimes caught in a tough spot between their employers and following regulations. In industries that …

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Excellent article, every Quality Professional should know and follow.
Thank you Larry for writing such a nice thing

--Rajesh, 09-12-2018

--mangesh, 07-06-2018

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