Learning About Learning

Abstract:Quality professionals can have expertise in different areas, such as quality management or inspections and audits. It is likely that many quality professionals also serve as teachers in some capacity, with many choosing to teach at universities or others that become consultants. Learning to teach effectively is just as important as learning to learn effectively. Adult education can be different from teaching children or young adults, in that adults often want to get to the point quickly and get more hands on experience in the training process. Providing the proper context and activities to keep learners engaged will help adequately express quality teachings. Testing for understanding is also necessary for potential quality employees, as quality mistakes can be costly or …

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Great article explaining that our role goes merely beyond studying processes and at many time includes dissemination of our knowledge to the end customer for sustained changes.
--Vincent Burris, 04-07-2019

Muy buen artículo, con conceptos claros para aplicar a los profesionales que trabajan en el area de calidad.
--PILAR Rodriguez, 07-27-2018

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