DPM verifier

Code quality compliance verifiers

Cognex’s DataMan 8072 verifier for direct part mark (DPM) verification helps those printing or marking DPM codes demonstrate code quality and certify readability. The DataMan 8072V tests DPM code performance against fixed quality parameters—including formatting and optical factors that affect readability—and assigns each code a grade to help customers meet internal standards and adhere to industry regulations.

The DataMan 8072V offers a processing engine and high-resolution camera to capture and grade even the most difficult codes. As the only DPM verifier with 30, 45, and 90-degree lighting options, the DataMan 8072V easily illuminates codes on textured, curved and recessed surfaces to meet standard specifications.

www.cognex.com | 855-426-4639


Thermal imaging for OEMs

Sierra-Olympic Technologies has introduced the Tenum 640, a thermal imager with a 640 x 512 array and 10-micron pixel pitch. The Tenum 640 thermal camera module combines ultra-small pixel structure with its ultra-sensitive, vanadium oxide microbolometer sensor.

It provides longwave infrared (LWIR) imaging quality and detection up to 60 frames per second. The high-resolution LWIR camera core features image contrast enhancement and exceptional sensitivity. As the most advanced, uncooled infrared sensor design available to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) today, it is ideal for a variety of OEM applications.

The thermal camera is available with or without optics. Each sealed lens and lens mount is environmentally-rated IP67; the camera enclosure is designed for rugged and extreme temperatures, operating from -40° C to 80° C.

www.sierraolympic.com/products/details/tenum640 | 855-222-1801

Slip rings and resolvers

Video surveillance systems aides

LTN Servotechnik GmbH offers slip rings and resolvers for use in video surveillance systems by supporting the transfer of images and videos with ever higher resolutions over 360° of coverage. LTN’s latest SC020 slip ring and the RE-15 resolver are can be combined into a custom product tailored to application requirements.

LTN slip rings, such as the SC020, can transfer power and transmit video signals in HD TV quality, so that the latest camera technology can be used for panoramic capture. The slip rings have a plug-and-play design, supporting data transmission rates of 10bit/s.

The RE-15 resolver generates feedback to support the precise alignment of the cameras from the control center.

Due to the knowledge of these technologies, LTN is able to combine the resolver and slip ring together into a custom product tailor-made for many application requirements. LTN Servotechnik GmbH is based in Germany with exclusive North American distribution through Heidenhain Corp.

www.heidenhain.us | 847-884-4761


Software improves surgical teams’ efficiency

Olympus has released the EasySuite 4K integration system enabling surgical and interventional clinicians to connect with the native and uncompressed visual insights derived from legacy, HD and ultra HD medical sources to streamline clinician workflows.

EasySuite 4K’s architecture and enterprise services are built on a 10GB IP standards-based switching backbone with security features, future-proofing surgical suites with the flexibility to integrate new 4K medical devices and support next-generation technologies. EasySuite 4K’s content management, video streaming and communication solutions are fully backward compatible with previous HD versions of EasySuite operating room integration systems and EasyPort universal HD video connectors.

Additional features of the system allow physicians to provide a relaxing patient experience before surgery with a patient greeting system, delivering soothing images and sounds with separate settings for adults and pediatrics.

www.olympus-global.com | 484-896-5000

Filtration systems

Restriction eliminating filtration

Eriez’s HydroFlow filtration system filters 530,000 gallons of metalworking oil every minute. This technology eliminates restrictions on the types of metal that can be filtered, decreasing costs and reducing labor requirements. The HydroFlow superfiltration systems remove particles down to 3-micron nominal. They also provide a consistent flow rate output, eliminating clogging issues.

HydroFlow offers users monitoring technology for greater control and flexibility. Customers can use their PC, tablet or smartphone to remotely monitor, manage and adjust their superfiltration system.

Industries that can use the superfiltration systems include aerospace, medical, automotive, bearings, glass machining, tools manufacturing and sharpening, and saw blade manufacturing.

www.eriez.com | 814-835-6000

Remote racking system

Remove circuit breakers remotely

CBS ArcSafe has unveiled a single-application remote racking system (RRS) for specific types of air circuit breakers. The lightweight, portable RRS-3 ABB-MB allows technicians to remotely install and remove the circuit breaker from a safe distance of up to 300 ft. while remaining stationed outside the arc-flash boundary. Installation and operation does not require any modifications to the existing electrical equipment.

Typical applications for the RRS-3 breaker include protecting and switching the main lines and feeders up to 635 VAC. Optional features include 25-ft. extension cables, a wireless video camera system with LCD monitor and a rugged protective case assembly. They offer mechanical or electrical safety protection, adjust to fit unique electrical equipment configurations and reduce requirements for personal protection equipment.

www.cbsarcsafe.com | 877-472-3389

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