Clashing or Compatible?

Abstract:Many organizations find balancing generation gaps in employees to be challenging. With each generation comes a stereotype or common thread, and those types are all different from each other. Older generations are sometimes seen as resistant to change and new ideas or technologies, while younger generations can be seen as lazy or entitled, but adept with new technologies. Two different perspectives are considered: that of a young quality professional new to the field and that of a quality veteran with many years of …

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Fascinating discussion. I can only hope this is the beginning of meaningful dialog at all levels of the new ASQ, and a broader understanding of the key roles that all generations and disciplines will play in an improved future. I look forward to joining the discussion.
--Thomas Pearson, 06-16-2018

Correction-Generation y are also known as Millenials!
--MAV, 06-06-2018

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