I must tell you how inspiring "A Different Kind of BBQ" is (March 2018, pp. 24-30). Yes, it’s all about behavior. But more importantly, it should be about the motivation behind the behavior. It must be genuinely from the heart. One of the best quotes I’ve heard is: "If you’re doing it for the show, you’re missing the dough." The behavior must not be motivated by doing it for the show.

Alexander Lau
Whitby, Ontario

"A Different Kind of BBQ" is excellent. All organizations should adopt these practices not only for quality improvements, but very possibly to improve all areas of manufacturing businesses and environments.

Rocky McLain
Spring, TX


"Serious About Samples" (April 2018, pp. 18-23) has good information and is well explained. I’m saving this article for future guidelining.

Deanna Glover
Everett, MA

"Serious About Samples" offers a nice in-a-nutshell summary for process monitoring.

Osman Kursun
Gebze, Turkey


In response to "Career Coach: The Long and Winding Road" (March 2018, pp. 14-15): Thank you for such an inspirational article. We must create and follow our own paths.

Shivon Scope
Philippine, Trinidad and Tobago


In response to "Career Coach: Shades of Gray" (January 2018, pp. 14-15): Good article! I like the real life, relatable example and thoughts about what to consider when operating in the gray area. It’s important to be seen in the organization as a partner, not a cop—though it’s hard to avoid sometimes. These are situations in which we can explain processes and approaches, and how we think about managing risk to achieve objectives.

Shelly Wearn
Midland, MI


"Six Sigma Solutions: Break From Routine" (February 2018, pp. 50-52) is an excellent article worthy of many reads. Thanks!

Daijun Huang
Chongqing City, China

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