Line Work

Abstract:Waiting in lines to receive a service is a common occurrence for every person. These lines, or queues, form when the influx of customers requesting a service outweighs the speed at which the service can be provided. Queue times can cause customer dissatisfaction and may even lead them to seek out a competitor for their services. Analyzing customer flow using arrival and departure curves can help to identify why queues form and what can be done to minimize them. Noting customer arrival patterns and understanding the service delivery system are two ways to improve the overall service …

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Fabulous article! Does anyone have examples where AD curves have been applied in healthcare? Say in an emergency department?
--Mike McGowan, 05-15-2018

This process meets beyond the expectation of customers and I am sure this is fully appreciated especially to senior citizens, retired travelers who wanted their trip in a comfortable and easy ways. Happiness is the key.

--Roxane Concepcion, 05-01-2018

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