Beds, Math and Beyond

Abstract:In a case study involving a day-surgery unit (DSU) in Alberta, data about patient admittance and discharge was collected over several weeks. The DSU did not have enough beds to accommodate the increasing number of patients that were in and out of the facility on a daily basis. Performing a root cause analysis showed that the limited number of beds could be attributed to assigning patients dedicated beds, separating male and female patients on opposite sides of the room, and beds were most needed in the afternoons. Identifying the issues and analyzing the data collected revealed that in reality, several beds could be freed up at any given time if the process was improved. This project involved the nurses that oversaw the DSU and its patients, as well as other members of the staff and management, to facilitate positive improvement over the long …

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interesting work, love the real world data!
--keith, 05-09-2018

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