Noise suppressor resistors

Able to withstand high-voltage pulses and frequencies

Vishay’s series of wire-wound noise suppressor resistors offers improved voltage performance and reliability for automotive ignition systems in reciprocating engines. The Vishay Dale NSR-HP series devices feature a coating that increases reliability by protecting the resistive element against moisture and mechanical shock, while enabling high-voltage performance to 45 kV and high operating temperatures to +200°C. The resistors can withstand high-voltage pulses at high frequencies and feature a dielectric withstand voltage of 1,000 VAC.

Ideal for reducing radio frequency interference during electrical discharges in gasoline engines, the NSR-HP series can be used in spark plug leads and in spark plug caps. The resistors are RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay green.

www.vishay.com | 02-563-6866


Simplifies reporting of weather data

Onset’s HOBOlink is a web-enabled software platform designed for HOBO RX3000 remote monitoring systems and features integration with Google Maps and Weather Underground (WU). HOBOlink can simplify the monitoring, management and reporting of weather data.

HOBOlink works with Onset’s research-grade HOBO RX3000 weather stations to provide research scientists, meteorologists and others with instant access to site-specific environmental data. Delivered as a cloud service, it allows users to access current and historical data via their web browsers or mobile devices, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and control HOBO RX3000 web-based data logging systems.

The integration with WU means HOBOlink users can push weather data to WU through an interface. The Google Maps integration allows users to see all of their geographically distributed HOBO devices and drill down on the details. A responsive design adjusts the view of HOBOlink on the screen so users can take advantage of all the features from their mobile phones and tablets.

www.onsetcomp.com | 800-564-4377

Strain Gage

Products available with safety certifications

BLH Nobel has announced that four of its strain gage load cell product families are available with EN ISO 13849 and IEC 61508 functional safety certifications.

The EN ISO 13849 functional safety standard incorporates statistical analysis to help better predict component, device and circuitry reliability in the safety-related parts of industrial machinery control systems. This determination represents the probability of failure to danger over time expressed as a performance level. The IEC 61508 standard for electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems further defines methods to achieve product functional safety.

These certifications allow the BLH Nobel load cells to be specified in a wider range of critical applications, including crane weighing and overload monitoring; process industry weighing and monitoring; offshore tank weighing; machinery monitoring; and safety-critical weighing and force measurements.

www.blhnobel.com | 781-298-2200


High dynamic range offers significant detail

Vision Research has introduced the Phantom v2640, a 4-Megapixel camera. It features a proprietary 4-Megapixel CMOS image sensor that delivers image quality at up to 26 Gpx/sec, while reaching 6,600 frames per second at full 2,048 x 1,952 resolution, and 11,750 fps at 1,920 x 1,080.

The v2640 features high dynamic range and the lowest noise floor of any Phantom camera—making it an ideal tool for researchers, scientists and engineers who need to capture clean, high-resolution images at ultra-high speeds. The high dynamic range shows significant detail, especially in high-contrast environments, while the low noise is particularly beneficial when analyzing the dark regions of an image. It also has exceptional light sensitivity, with an ISO measurement of 16,000D for monochrome cameras and 3,200D for color cameras.

www.phantomhighspeed.com | 248-481-6638

Line lasers

Technology for levelling and alignment

Leica Geosystems’ Lino series of cross and point line lasers are specially designed to ensure laser visibility. The Li-ion rechargeable batteries enable users to work without interruptions. The smart laser technology offers complete levelling and alignment.

Vertical and horizontal alignment of the lines and points is easy with the self-levelling lasers. Leica Lino point and cross-line lasers can be operated with Li-ion rechargeable or alkaline batteries, or they can be connected directly to the power supply. The triple power concept ensures uninterrupted use.

The lasers are manufactured out of high-grade strong materials and are, therefore, suitable for use on construction sites. The optics are protected by a high-grade aluminum frame and impact-absorbing rubber components.

www.leica-geosystems.com | 41-71-727-3131


Condition monitor for non-hazardous areas

Turck has announced the IM12-CCM (cabinet condition monitor) cabinet guard, a device capable of monitoring moisture and temperature limits while also detecting incorrectly closed doors. The device is intended for use in hazardous areas. The device monitors unauthorized access to switch cabinets, providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations.

The IM12-CCM features an internal data logger with time stamp and stores data for up to two years, allowing users to detect creeping changes over long periods of time. An interface enables two cabinet guards to be operated in master-slave mode simultaneously, monitoring correct door closing and other limit values at two points in the control cabinet. The master processes the data of the slave and sends a signal to the controller.

turckusa@turck.com | www. turck-USA.com

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