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Getting serious about product safety

There are few times in life when the average person is more attuned to product safety than when raising an infant. Oh no! Could a piece break off her toy and choke her? Now that she’s gnawing on it, do you think the paint on her crib is laden with lead? Is it just me, or does that wheel on her stroller look like it might suddenly snap off and catapult her into traffic?

Many new parents (Who, me?) are beleaguered with irrational thoughts that something awful will happen to their helpless little darlings. But sadly, these fears aren’t always irrational. Each scenario here is actually tied to a recent product recall. Scary stuff.

For folks in quality, product safety isn’t limited to parental apprehension. For many, it is directly or indirectly your raison d’être, and so this month we bring focus to product safety and ways you can help deliver on it.

Serious About Samples” describes some of the advantages and disadvantages of sampling and statistical process control charts, and provides insights into a strategic approach to sampling based on the points at which inspections occur in a process. The approaches suggested here could put higher quality products in customers’ hands. 

In “Seeking Validation” learn about the importance of process validation as it relates to medical device manufacturing. The tips and lists in this article can help any organization prepare for an inspector’s questions and requests related to process validation procedures.

Finally, it’s job report season, when the predictions roll out on what jobs will take the top spots for the workforce of the future. But no need to go scouring the web to track down the information. QP Associate Editor Mark Edmund has pulled many of the lists together into a comprehensive roundup in this month’s Progress Report. Do you hold one of the top job titles? Would you like to? Find out where the gaps and opportunities are in the job landscape of the future.

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