A Different Kind of BBQ

Abstract:Behavior-based quality (BBQ) is a mindset and culture that can be promoted in any organization. BBQ, much like safety, can be driven by behavior at all levels of an organization, but is generally led from the top. BBQ has three main principles, all of which are the basics of quality: compliance, prevention and improvement. Compliance involves identifying requirements or standards to adhere to and meeting them. Prevention entails finding the causes for errors and fixing them before errors can happen. Finally, improvement can be done in many ways, but generally it means to improve processes related to preventing errors and also eliminating waste where …

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I have had instances where quality is a cost and management wants to reduce costs? I have stressed that quality leads the way to customers satisfaction but we can make it cheaper. I believe quality increases the bottom line because if the customer is satisfied, he becomes a repeat buyer. Quality sells product not the amount produced.
--Bill Derer, 03-05-2018

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