Mining platform includes blasting functionality

ASI Mining has collaborated with Enaex to develop semi-autonomous blasting functionality with ASI’s autonomous command and control software, Mobius.

ASI’s Mobius for Blasting application provides capability for teleoperation and autonomous navigation of blast vehicles, including mobile manufacturing unit and stemming vehicles. In addition, Mobius has the potential to coordinate drill and blasting, resulting in dynamically tailored blast processes based on actual “as-drilled” hole data, creating higher efficiency and increased fragmentation.

Steps were taken to ensure the autonomous blasting solutions meet all required safety, operational and availability standards, given the high risk of danger for workers and equipment.

This development is part of an ecosystem of teleoperation and autonomous units that will improve workers’ safety by using technology to perform tasks in risky mine environments from a safe location.

www.asirobots.com | 866-881-2171

Protective vents

Venting in potentially explosive environments

W. L. Gore & Associates’ GORE PolyVent Ex+ is the latest addition to Gore’s protective vents screw-in series and is certified according to explosion-proof safety standards, IECEx and ATEX. With these certifications, PolyVent Ex+ is allowed in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres caused by combustible gases or dust.

Materials selected for designing GORE PolyVent Ex+ were chosen to support the vent’s long-lasting behavior in the field. The vent body, cap and membrane-sealing technology use nonflammable, stainless steel. The GORE membrane, made of 100% ePTFE, delivers performance for pressure-equalization customers, while achieving the highest flammability rating in its category. The silicone O-ring with a flammability resistance rating of UL 94 V-0 adds another layer of safety.

These materials, combined with the GORE PolyVent Ex+ construction, ensure flammability and corrosion resistance, and chemical robustness. The GORE membrane provides oleophobic and hydrophobic protection. With an airflow rate of 1,600 ml/min at 70 mbar and an ingress protection rating of IP68/IP69k, PolyVent Ex+ reliably protects enclosures up to 20l for a wide range of temperatures.

gore.com/protectivevents | 410-506-3526

Power take off

PTOs for demanding work conditions

Twin Disc’s HP800, a hydraulically-actuated power take-off (PTO), is a middle horsepower range option for industrial applications. The HP800 has a maximum power rating of 800 hp at 1,800 rpm. It’s ideal for driving pumps, grinders, crushers, dredgers, chippers, shredders and heavy-duty drills.

The key feature of the HP800 is the auxiliary drive pump towers 400 hp maximum capacity tower, or 450 hp maximum for both. They can rotate 0°, 45° and 90°, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, to allow for clearance in installations.

www.twindisc.com | sales@twindisc.com

Rigid shaft adapters

Rigid shaft adapters solve shaft compatibility problems

Stafford Manufacturing has designed a line of rigid clamp-style shaft adapters that come in a variety of configurations to connect dissimilar shaft sizes.

The Stafford Shaft Adapters are rigid couplings with a clamp-type female end that fits securely over an output shaft and feature male ends that can be supplied in various lengths. This ends shaft compatibility issues.

These adapters are offered in step-up and step-down configurations with or without keyways, and shaft extensions can be round, square, hex, D, threaded, keyed, tapered machinable.

Manufactured from aluminum, steel and stainless steel, the Stafford Shaft Adapters come in various bore sizes and provide a secure transition without sacrificing torsional holding power.

Suitable for original equipment manufacturing as well as maintenance repair and overhaul applications, they are non-marring, designed for use on hardened shafts, and can be customized to user requirements.

www.staffordmfg.com | 800-695-5551


Real-time monitoring for factory automation

Cognex has released the Explorer real-time monitoring (RTM) for factory automation and logistics operations. RTM aggregates and reports trends in data captured by DataMan barcode readers and provides instant facilitywide feedback to identify process errors, minimize no-reads and maximize throughput.

RTM tracks trends in barcode quality, monitors configuration changes, and analyzes data from DataMan barcode readers to identify the causes of low read rates and other errors. The online dashboards display configuration-based audit logs and heat maps, allowing facility and plant managers to implement immediate corrective action and optimize processes.

By providing access to network data, The Explorer RTM supports smart factories and emerging Industry 4.0 environments. RTM can configure up to 20 DataMan readers using the familiar DataMan setup tool, and results can be monitored using a browser-based interface. RTM’s time-based performance statistics are viewable anywhere in a facility from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

www.cognex.com/RTM | 855-426-4639

Deflectable videoscope

Supports precise endoscopic surgery

Olympus has unveiled the LTF-S300-10-3D Endoeye Flex 3-D deflectable videoscope designed for use with the Visera Elite II. When used together, they support efficient and precise endoscopic surgery.

The endoscope has a deflectable tip that can provide a front view of the tissue being operated on, as well as views from other angles including from behind. Other features include a joystick controller and a shorter scope tip.

The joystick provides the operability to intuitively move the scope tip vertically, laterally or diagonally. This helps a surgeon obtain the desired viewpoint fast and track organ movements smoothly. The shorter tip supports close-up observation in narrow cavities.

www.olympus-global.com | 484-896-5000

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