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Abstract:5S is a proven Lean tool in factory settings, such as automotive assembly lines, where 5S originated. The principles of 5S are as follows: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. These principles work well in a manufacturing setting, where workstations can easily be decluttered and standardized, but in a traditional office workplace, applying 5S can be tricky. Workspaces and workflows can be sorted and simplified, but standardizing in fields with creative workers and work tasks is not simple, nor ideal. Using software such as Trello or Remember the Milk can help standardize collaborative processes and allow workers to maintain their to-do lists …

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Great article !
--Laszlo Buda, 05-01-2018

--Lokanath, 04-26-2018

Very useful article linking 5S with productivity tools applied in a knowledge-work environment.
--Brian Gifford, 02-07-2018

What is interesting to apply a tool that seems simple in an environment different from the common examples, it really shows the professionalism and mastery of the technique, I will use the idea to transmit the concept of 5S to non-traditional environments. Good article.
--Javier Ramirez T., 02-01-2018

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