Gas detector

Keeping industrial operations safe

Honeywell’s Sensepoint XRL, a fixed gas detector, monitors industrial operations for specific hazardous gases, such as carbon monoxide or methane. The Sensepoint XRL is Bluetooth-enabled, meaning it can be set up and maintained remotely using a smartphone app. A single worker can perform many standard maintenance tasks, including setup, commissioning and calibration wirelessly from up to 33 ft. away. The Sensepoint XRL combined with the app can produce system reports necessary for safety and environmental regulatory compliance.

Sensepoint XRL is certified for explosive area applications, and is suitable for wastewater, utilities, power generation, labs, downstream oil and gas operations, and applications ranging from labs to boiler rooms, and from fuel stations to warehouses.

The detector monitors for hazardous levels of one targeted gas from among 23 toxic and combustible gases, including methane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide.

www.honeywellanalytics.com | 847-955-8200


Improved low noise performance

Silicon Designs has announced its Model 1525 Series, a family of commercial and inertial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometers. The Model 1525 Series incorporates Silicon Designs’ own MEMS variable capacitive sense element, along with a ±4 V differential analog output stage, internal temperature sensor and integral sense amplifier. Each MEMS accelerometer offers reliable performance over a standard operating temperature range of −40° C to +85° C. Units are also relatively insensitive to wide temperature changes and gradients.

The Model 1525 Series tactical grade MEMS inertial accelerometer family is ideal for zero to medium frequency instrumentation applications that require high repeatability, low noise, and maximum stability. They can also be used to support critical industrial test requirements, such as those common to agricultural, oil and gas drilling, photographic and meteorological drones, as well as seismic and inertial measurements.

www.silicondesigns.com | 425-391-8329

Support module

Offers French and German language accessibility

The Profinet support module for the BLH Nobel G5 Series allows measurement amplifiers the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the Industrial Ethernet automation standards in Asia and Europe. This Profinet support allows the end user to create seamless end-to-end, integrated processes and network interface configurations with data exchange. G5 Series measurement amplifiers offer continued ease of calibration and remote access with common field busses, with setup through a web browser or keyboard.

For customers based in the United States and Canada, the addition of FM approvals provides added assurances that G5 Series measurement amplifiers meet only the highest standards for property loss prevention and safety. Additional full language support in French and German, including complete menus and software, join the existing English and Swedish versions. Short form manuals are available in all four languages.

www.blhnobel.com | 781-298-2200

Display switch

Touchscreen resembles smartphone

Schurter has introduced the CDS1, a switch-sized input system using capacitive touch technology. The intuitive operation with the touch of a finger, swipe or rotation on the touchscreen resembles a smartphone. Fully configurable, the user determines the imagery to use for selection. All images, graphics and animations can be loaded to its 4 MB internal mass storage.

The CDS1 is mounted on the front panel from the rear using a special mounting ring and screws. It has a seal protection rating of IP67 when used with the O-ring and IP40 without. Applications include high-end industrial appliances, professional audio, commercial food service appliances and other appliances used in specialty public venues and lab equipment.

info@schurterinc.com | 800-848-2600

Detector and separator

Two systems cooperate to protect

Eriez’s two metal detector/magnetic separator "double team" systems offer customers protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. In both system configurations, the metal detector and the magnetic separator work in conjunction to produce as close to a perfect product yield as possible.

The first system is a Magnetic B Trap followed by an Xtreme Liquid Line metal detector. The magnet removes the ferrous contamination from the pumped liquid product, rejecting material from the downstream metal detector with automatic rejection. The metal detector is left to focus on detecting and rejecting non-magnetic tramp metals such as aluminum and stainless steel.

The other system pairs a Magnetic Grate-In-Housing with an Xtreme Gravity Drop Vertical metal detector. The magnet removes the ferrous contamination from the gravity-dropped material. The metal detector’s primary function is to detect and reject non-
magnetic tramp metals including aluminum and stainless steel.

http://erieznews.com/nr433 | 888-300-3743

Paddle joystick

Ideal for control panels

Curtiss-Wright Industrial has introduced the JC1210, a single-axis paddle joystick that extends the organization's recently introduced JC1200 family by incorporating latching and overpress functionalities and offering multiple mounting solutions in a single body. This makes the joystick controller ideal for use in control panels and armrest assemblies found in material handling vehicles, industrial trucks, agricultural equipment and construction machinery.

The JC1210 paddle joystick features an additional 10 degrees of travel at both ends of the axis, which can be specified by machine designers and end users for either latching or overpress functions to meet system requirements to hold functions at full speed/float.

A soft-touch colored insert area of the paddle increases operator comfort and decreases the likelihood of finger-slip during operation. The option of paddle overpress and latch, electrical terminations, output sense, output voltages and paddle soft-touch colors means the JC1210 paddle joystick offers more than 600 variations.

www.cw-industrialgroup.com | 44-1202-034000

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