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Abstract:Transitioning to new standards, or new amendments to existing standards, can be tricky and should not be left to the last minute. Some organizations must maintain their ISO standard certification in order to do business and remain competitive, so a looming deadline to transition to a new standard must be kept in mind. The ISO 9001:2015 standard was introduced in 2015 with a three year transition period, ending in September 2018. Any organizations that did not have a transition audit (and potential follow-up audit) before then lost their ISO certification. It's important to review the newest standards and be sure that an organization is up to date with …

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Very useful and easy to follow advice, Govind,
Thank you for your tremendous work and contributions...
--Akhilesh Manchanda, 07-09-2019

Nice article - Value add with the correct level of detail.
--Len, 01-22-2018

Many thanks Govind for sharing your years of hands on experience in implementing management systems. I found the article quite relevant, useful and practical. Practitioners can use it for improving / implementing 9001:2015 standard
--Sunil Thawani, 01-21-2018

This cover story article is written very well. I liked the opening and conclusion which provided the timeline and the key takeaway that it was best to work with the CB to get the audit scheduled by May 2018.

The body of the article provided a good recap. I know many people like to wait until the last minute to get work done and hence this timeline is very useful.

--Muthu, 01-18-2018

Very good overview article!
--Jim, 01-18-2018

Key points of the standards' transition are well summarized in this article. The examples for the potentially tricky topics of "Organizational issues" and "Interested parties’ identification and requirements" are especially helpful guidance.
--F Nagy, 01-16-2018

Excellent way in which youve described those ridiculous demands by incompetent auditors on 'widely misunderstood, resulting in auditors insisting on formal, documented risk management information'.
--Arumugam Rajan Daniel, 01-11-2018

Excellent article Govind! As an FYI, the IAF recently published a communique which will impact the scheduling of CB transition audits for ISO 9001:2015, that readers will find helpful:
--Sheronda, 01-09-2018

As always Govind really is an expert resource for these ISO standards. Thanks a lot for this very timely and full of insights article.
--Raymond Medina, 01-04-2018

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