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Abstract:Quality Progress presents another annual salary report, with optimistic numbers. Salaries in the United States for quality professionals have, on average, raised by about 1.5 percent. However, this increase is smaller than past years, even smaller than in 2008, when the recession hit America's economy. Also included in this report is a look at career paths for quality professionals. The analysis tracks job titles survey respondents held before their current position, as well as levels of education for each path …

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--Michael B, 08-14-2018

--Michael B, 08-14-2018

Insightful! As a analyst with about two years experience this is very relevant for me.
--Andrew Rusch, 01-16-2018

Would be interesting to see the breakout between industry type, education background and knowledge base. Suggest survey sampling.
--Michael Kilburn, 01-08-2018

The detailed analysis was pretty nice, but a surprising lack of info on salaries. A breakdown based on experience, background, education would have been welcome.
--James H., 12-16-2017

This article appears to relate primarily to production/manufacturing industries and is to "all encompassing". It would be interesting to see a poll pertaining to Quality Control positions within the commercial construction industry where tremendous growth is occurring.
--David Rapier, 12-13-2017

--Matt, 12-12-2017

--Matt C, 12-12-2017

This article used to provide useful information. Apparently that was deemed too revealing. Shame, seems that is the whole point of a survey; to reveal information...
--Matt C, 12-12-2017

Regional average salaries would be helpful to know. Other than that, article told an interesting story. Thanks.
--Monica Seh, 12-11-2017

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