Spectrum analyzer

Improved performance with flexible configuration

The AV4051H signal spectrum analyzer from Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions tests dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy and test speed. It features various test functions such as high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, power measurement, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio frequency analysis, analog demodulation measurement and phase noise test.

Its performance can be further improved by flexible configuration of different options. Through various digital and analog signal output interfaces, the spectrum analyzer can be taken to establish test systems or get secondary development.

It can be used for signal and equipment test in the fields of aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communication, electronic countermeasures and navigation.

www.cc-globaltech.com | 908-328-3663

Input/Output module

Hybrid safety concept

Turck has released the hybrid safety block input/output (I/O) module for common industrial protocol safety. The hybrid safety concept from Turck combines safety I/O and general purpose I/O in a single, rugged, on-machine, remote I/O device.

Both IP67 hybrid modules can be adapted to the actual signal requirements of an installation using configurable I/O points and by leveraging the flexibility of Turck’s IO-Link. On the safety side, the hybrid modules offer two safety inputs for connecting safety sensors, such as light curtains or emergency stop buttons. Two additional safety channels can be used as either inputs or outputs. The general-purpose side includes four configurable discrete I/Os capable of switching up to two amps when used as outputs.

These devices can be used as remote safety I/O, or even operated as a standalone safety controller for local safe I/O.

turckusa@turck.com | www.turck-usa.com

Weighing system

Onboard weighing provides efficiencies

The BinWeigh 03 from the VPG Onboard Weighing brand of Vishay Precision Group helps commercial and residential waste collection agencies improve service efficiencies with onboard dynamic measurements of individual bin contents, simultaneous to waste collection, without driver input requirements.

Its design features IP67 protection from dust and liquids. The system’s real-time, high-speed data transfer capabilities are accessible from nearly any location. The visual screens display all available data regarding an individual waste bin being lifted, as well as its RFID number, weight, working status and customer credit control status.

An alert feature ensures that each BinWeigh 03 system component is continuously monitored to ensure its continued reliability. Early warnings of impending hardware failure can help prevent route interruptions, reduce emergency maintenance costs and avoid unwanted downtime.

www.vpgonboard.com | 484-321-5300

Data logger

Cold chain management notification

Onset has expanded its InTemp family of pharmaceutical cold chain management products with the InTemp CX Gateway. The InTemp CX Gateway enables real-time notifications of temperature excursions via email or text when loggers are in range. Thus, corrective action can be taken quickly to ensure the integrity of vaccines, whether they are stored in a facility or have arrived at their in-transit destination.

The CX Gateway links InTemp data loggers to InTempConnect, which runs in the cloud. Users place the CX Gateway within a 100-foot range of one or more loggers and connect it to their local Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If an excursion occurs, a real-time update is sent to InTempConnect, which can send alerts via email and text to a user-defined group of administrators. Vaccine clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, logistics and storage management providers across the distribution chain—and clinical trials teams—can achieve greater accuracy while reducing demands on staff and resources.

www.onsetcomp.com | 800-564-4377

Track motion module

Preconfigured for arc welding applications

Güdel has announced ArcTrack, a preconfigured robot track motion module for arc welding applications that delivers flexibility and reduces lead time by 40%.

Güdel has pre-engineered a TrackMotion floor configuration with an auxiliary shelf to carry welding equipment, large wire spools and torch cleaning and reaming devices with the robot. The shelf is pre-engineered to support more than 750 kg. The ArcTrack is available for leading arc welding robots.

All Güdel TrackMotion units are designed and engineered for harsh environments, including welding, painting, die cast, foundry, sealing, machining and grinding.

www.gudel.com | 734-214-0000

Dredging sensor

Improves operations for underwater applications

Leica Geosystems has released the MSS420 dredging sensor for marine applications. The sensor is designed for offshore applications.

The sensor features special watertight connectors, rugged cabling, robust sensor housing and stainless-steel brackets. It is usable down to 40 m at 4 bar pressure. The MSS420 can be programmed to boom 1, boom 2, stick, bucket and tilt sensor. This makes changing sensors simple and usable for less-experienced operators.

Inertial measurement technology incorporated in the MSS420 and combined with gyroscopes and accelerometers offers responsive sensor technology to improve digging accuracy and increase the operator’s over speed.

www.leica-geosystems.com | 41-71-727-3131

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