Power take-off

Self-adjusting dry clutch

Twin Disc has released two remote-controlled power take-offs (PTO), the RC214 and RC314. The PTOs are ideal for construction, mining, snow removal, forestry, agriculture and recycling.

The RC series PTOs are hydraulically actuated with self-adjusting dry clutches. There are no pilot bearings, and the mains are oil-lubricated. An advanced control system can be used for soft-starting high-inertia loads. Both the RC214 and RC314 are suitable for side load and in-line applications.

The RC214 has two friction plates, while the RC314 has three. Optional sintered iron and composite versions are available to increase torque and horsepower capacity.

sales@twindisc.com | www.twindisc.com

Vision system 

Compact for production lines

Cognex has introduced the second generation of the In-Sight 7000 series, a suite of ultra-rugged, modular standalone vision systems. This vision system performs inspections that keep pace with increasing line speeds, and its compact form fits into space-constrained production lines. The In-Sight 7000 offers more than 400 different field-changeable configurations.

A variety of light colors, optical filters and polarizers can be swapped in to meet specific application requirements. A range of field-changeable C-mount and S-mount lenses and industrial, mechanical autofocus lens options enhance versatility.

www.cognex.com | 855-426-4639.


Color coated for identification

Aven E-Z Pik Tweezers are made from 304 series stainless steel, and feature a highly durable coating for easy identification. Operators can identify the tweezers they need by color rather than tweezer pattern. This improves productivity and process control. E-Z Pik Tweezers have straight, strong and precise tips, and are anti-magnetic and anti-acid.

E-Z Pik tweezers are available in six popular styles and are available for individual purchase or as a complete six-piece set. Tweezers are manufactured from anti-acid and anti-magnetic stainless steel.

www.aventools.com | 734-97-30099


Small space capturing

JAI has unveiled the GO-5100-USB. The new camera features the 5.1-megapixel Sony Pregius IMX250 CMOS image sensor and comes with a USB3 Vision interface that provides full resolution images at 74 frames per second. Two models are available.

The two models offer features making them suitable for a wide range of systems and applications. Symmetrical and asymmetrical binning functions are available in the monochrome model, while region-of-interest (ROI), lookup tables, sequencer trigger modes, auto level control and shading correction are offered in the monochrome and color models. A multi-ROI mode is also available, enabling users to define up to 64 non-overlapping regions of interest within a single field of view.

The GO-5100-USB features the small size and light weight of the Go Series, making the camera ideal for use in robotics or applications that require repetitive camera movement, as well as for any application where space is at a premium.

www.jai.com | 800-445-5444

3-D Snapshot Sensors

High resolution for inspections

LMI Technologies’ Gocator 3210 and 3506 are new additions to the Gocator line of smart, all-in-one structured light 3-D snapshot sensors.

The Gocator 3210 achieves 3-D snapshot scans at 35 μm at 4 Hz scan speeds. It is ideal for high-speed, high-resolution inline inspection of large parts such as automotive components and body assemblies.

The Gocator 3506 achieves a 12 μm resolution 3-D snapshot scan at a 3 Hz acquisition rate. This sensor is designed for highly accurate small parts inspection such as step-height, gap, roughness and coplanarity measurements common in electronics enclosure, PCB and battery/IC connector applications.

Snapshot sensors are pick-and-place friendly for robotic inspection applications, while providing the added benefit of scanning the target when it is stationary, effectively eliminating errors due to vibration.

contact@lmi3d.com | www.lmi3d.com

Flaw detector 

Designed for use with one hand

The Epoch 6LT flaw detector from Olympus is designed for use with one hand so users that require high portability can do their work comfortably and efficiently.

For rope access technicians, the Epoch 6LT flaw detector offers features to help keep them safe during challenging inspections. Users can control the inspection parameters with one hand without interrupting flaw scanning. With the rope access accessory kit, technicians can secure the instrument to their leg or harness, leaving both hands free to maintain balance or adjust the probe. Depending on how the instrument is attached, the display rotates so users can properly view the A-scan and readings.

www.olympus-ims.com | 781-419-3562

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