Inspection instrument

In-house calibration

Mitutoyo has released the i-Checker, an inspection instrument designed to calibrate a variety of indicators, including bore gages, Digimatic indicators, dial indicators, dial test indicators and linear gages.

All functions necessary for inspection are combined in the control box. Adjustment of the measurement position is accomplished due to semi- and fully automatic measurement functions, which reduce inspection time. Digital indicators equipped with a data output function are checked due to spindle positioning at the inspection points, and measurement results are fully automatic. Operators can create and print simplified inspection certificates.

Hardware setup is simple and straightforward—simply plug in a USB cable. The updated i-Pak software includes the most recent standards. Previous models can be upgraded with new software and controller.

www.mitutoyo.com | 888-648-8869

Zoom Lens system

Large field of view

Navitar has introduced a high resolution Resolv4K Zoom Lens System for customers requiring a larger field of view and high magnification. The optical design of the Resolv4K offers a 400-600% larger field of view compared to traditional zoom systems on today's market.

Key features of the Resolv4K system include:

  • Large field of view combined with high resolution.
  • High contrast imaging up to 12MP sensors of all formats.
  • Visible wavelength axial color correction.

The core zoom module is available in manual or motorized, with or without coaxial illumination, and offers a wide variety of lens adapters and attachments. Visible, Vis-NIR and SWIR coating options are also available.

www.navitar.com | 800-828-6778

Strain sensors

Accuracy in grid-to-grid placement

The Micro-Measurements’ S5060 Series offers a line of transducer class multi-grid advanced strain sensors. The series is designed to facilitate multi-axis force, torque/axial and torsional load measurements in robotics, factory automation, machinery and tooling, agricultural and off-highway vehicles, and materials testing applications. They may be further used to convert automotive components into force sensing devices.

When installed in pairs, the circuitry pattern of the S5060 Series may be used to construct a full-torsion bridge and a full-Poisson bridge. The alignment of a single pair automatically aligns all other grids installed on the common backing for improved grid-to-grid placement accuracy, reduced installation time, and reduced material and solder connection requirements.

www.micro-measurements.com | www.vpgsensors.com

Force tester

Highly configurable

The ESM303H from Mark-10 is a configurable horizontal force tester for tension and compression measurement applications up to 300 lbF. It offers a rugged design suitable for lab and production environments.

A range of tests can be performed, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, loadholding, elongation testing, tensile testing and compression testing. The ESM303H allows for the configuration of test speed, force and distance limits, cycling and preload. All test methods are protected by a password and it accommodates up to 50 profiles.

Collect force and travel data, plot and analyze the results, and control test stand motion via PC-based MESUR-gauge Plus software. Or, fully control the stand by a PC through a custom-written program in any language supporting ASCII communications.

www.mark-10.com | info@mark-10.com

Grate Magnet

Made of dust-tight construction

Eriez offers dust-tight construction with the release of the easy-to-clean DSC (dust-tight, sanitary, convertible) Grate in Housing magnet. The DSC handles fine powders and some head velocity pressure while maintaining a positive seal.

The standard housing on this magnet is sanitary on the interior.  Eriez also provides customized options to meet customers’ specific needs, including sanitary-welded tie bars. 

This separator’s design allows customers to purchase a manual clean unit that can later be easily upgraded to an automatic cleaning unit with hand tools and a bolt-on kit.

erieznews.com/nr407 | 888-300-3743


Offering multicolor options

Schurter expands its MSM Metal Line range with a pushbutton switch capable of multiple illumination possibilities. The illumination provides a homogeneous quality in a ring-illuminated style, or complete actuator area illumination. Status indication is possible in seven different colors in a single product.

The MSM Multicolor family offers the same diameters as the standard ring-illuminated version in 19, 22 and 30 mm. The switches with area illumination use a scratch-resistant ceramic actuator and have housings with diameters of 19 or 22 mm. Housings are made of stainless steel for ring and area illuminated versions. High seal protection and impact resistance ratings of IP67 and IK07 make the switches particularly suitable for use in equipment subjected to harsh environmental conditions, or applications that require protection from vandalism.

The MSM series provides a moving actuator, which is ideal for use in applications where status indication and tactile feedback are desired.

800-848-2600 | info@schurterinc.com

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