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As quality professionals, you’ve always had a close and friendly relationship with data. In the not-so-distant past, it was unfathomable to think a time would come when there was just too much data—that organizations and people analyzing the data would be immobilized due to the sheer vastness of what they can access.

That is what we’re facing today. Instead of an ongoing struggle to dig up more data, we’re buried in it. But the complex and sophisticated ways we are now able to harness it are presenting new opportunities for quality professionals. And handling data intelligently can help organizations reach new levels of insights and decision making they never thought possible.

In "The Deal With Big Data," learn about big data’s significant effect on the roles of quality professionals, and what preparation and training might be necessary to thrive amid these seismic shifts. Also, learn about efforts being made to establish standards to address big data and big data analytics.

"Data Disruption" focuses on other new technologies changing the landscape for quality professionals. These new disruptive technologies can help you do your jobs better—but you must have an open mind to the power of the tools, and an understanding of how they augment your current toolbox.

Big data analytics can also be combined with lean Six Sigma to improve decision making. "Better Intelligence" details the many data sources that can be used to feed improvement efforts, and how all can be leveraged to help organizations remain competitive.

Data collection and futuristic connectivity were in the headlines this month when a Wisconsin organization began microchipping willing employees. A chip is implanted in employees’ hands, serving as an access key, allowing them to make vending purchases, copies and log on to computers. It might seem an invasive compromise of privacy right now, but no doubt this is a pioneering step into implantable technology that will open up new sources of data. The first question we should answer: Do we really want that data? Read "Wary of Wearables?"

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