The Deal With Big Data

Abstract:Big data is still a fairly new concept, but it is here to stay. Big data often makes people think of transactional data, social media, and search engines and evokes the names of several large companies like Amazon and Google. This type of data is the new standard and quality professionals may need additional training to learn to work with big data. There are four V's associated with big data: volume, variety, velocity and variability. These concepts describe how much data is involved, how many different types of data there are, how quickly they are received and how variable all of the previous descriptors can be. Dealing with big data is tricky, but important to learn for quality …

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--Gabor A Szabo, 12-11-2017

Interesting and useful article, but necessarily high level. One slight quibble. The distinction between supervised and unsupervised problems does not hinge on whether the data is structured versus unstructured (i.e. free text such as verbatim comments), but on whether or not there is (or is hypothesized to be) a dependent variable. Regression is a supervised method, principal components analysis is an unsupervised method.
--Harry Rowe, 09-13-2017

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