Data Disruption

Abstract:Technology is all around us, and certain types of technology are so pervasive they are classified as disruptive. With disruptive technology like smartphones, electronic fuel injectors and calculators also comes disruptive analytics and new ways to improve processes that can be deemed disruptive. Analytic tools such as machine learning, clustering analysis and text analysis have proven to be useful in capturing data and analyzing the data as it comes in. This allows even the most complex processes to be improved in small steps at any point in the …

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Great aticle I really enjoyed the part of DES but I would like to know more about existing softwares using this technology
--Aiman Sakr, 10-02-2019

Very useful article. Simply explained the future. Thanks a lot.

Excellent article. I especially loved the examples given in each case of Machine Learning, text analysis, and DES.
--Sri, 11-02-2017

Great article.
--Scott, 11-02-2017

--juan, 09-14-2017

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