Extended sensing range

Turck has announced its range of 8 mm barrel inductive proximity sensors. The non-flush sensors are available with a 3 or 5 mm sensing range. Turck can now produce devices with an ultra-short 15 mm design.

The modular development approach of the sensor series led to a range of variants allowing users to find the ideal 8 mm barrel sensor for their applications. The sensors are available in 15, 22, 30 and 40 mm lengths.

The sensors with a cable outlet are provided with a cable suitable for E-chain use and a semi-transparent LED ring at the sensor end, which shows the sensing state from any viewing angle. The sensors are IP67 rated, and have an operating temperature of -25 to 70°C.

turckusa@turck.com | www.turck-USA.com


Fleet management

Keytroller’s fleet management software, Infomatics, is a server, cloud or web-based software that provides unparalleled data transfers, granularity by enabling roles such as admin, local admin and supervisor, and is user-friendly and intuitive.

The Infomatics dashboard provides comprehensive operator management that provides personal information about each operator, their access level, their RFID card or keypad code, profile image and assigned trainings. Simultaneously, extensive vehicle management is accessible, which delivers each vehicle’s make, model, serial number, image, class or subclass, and time zone by location.

Infomatics also enables fleet managers to receive instant and scheduled department-targeted alerts.

mjacobson@keytroller.com | 850-980-2793

Measurement amplifier

Certified legal for trade

The BLH Nobel G5 Series panel mount measurement amplifiers (G5 PM Series) are now certified "legal-for-trade" via firmware upgrade, as per the latest standards by EN45501:2015 and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). This further ensures that it is sufficiently accurate for its intended commercial weighing purpose.

The measurement amplifier offers secondary functionality as a long-term onboard data storage device without the need for a stand-alone printer. Units can accept any traditional load cell input signal with a 0.4 μV minimum verification scale interval and with maximum potential intervals set at 10,000.

Typical applications for the BLH Nobel G5 PM Series include process weighing and control, weighing force measurements, high-speed dynamic measurements, and factory automation. Expanded applications afforded by the "legal-for-trade" firmware upgrade include coil weighing; steel plate commercial weighing; offshore fish farm pellet weighing; fine-grained concentrates weighing for the mining industry; and virtually any other commercial weighing application requiring EN45501:2015 and OIML certifications.

www.blhnobel.com | 781-298-2200


Compliance in safety applications

The VPG Transducers’ Model 182 extensometer is a strain gage-based force sensor, designed for industrial, EN15000 and EN280 compliant off-highway vehicle and equipment safety applications.

The Model 182 extensometer accurately measures deformation, or changes in the length of a solid structural body, with a 500 μƐ full-scale sensing range and necessary redundancy for EN15000 and EN280 compliance in safety applications. Units are IP67 rated for dust and moisture protection, ensuring their continued reliability and repeatability in demanding environments.

Typical applications for the Model 182 include off-highway vehicle, telescopic handler and lifting machinery measurements. The extensometer is well-suited for applications in which safety and device stability are of critical importance for operator injury risk mitigation and prevention, including where stringent vehicle compliance with EN15000 and EN280 standards may be required.

www.vpgtransducers.com | 484-321-5300

Current transducer

Transducer increases range of applications

LEM has released the IN 2000-S current transducer for non-intrusive and isolated measurement of direct current, alternate current and pulsed nominal current of 2000 A. The IN 2000-S model offers an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C, allowing it to be used in a wider range of applications in addition to labs, such as test equipment for traditional industrial applications, medical equipment, precision motor controllers and metering.

The IN 2000-S model delivers accuracy with linearity and low offset over-temperature range better than 3 ppm and 10 ppm, respectively. A 200-turn test winding is provided so that the transducer function can be verified using a current of 1 Amp without interfering with its installation in systems where access is difficult.

The IN 2000-S has been designed to operate from a bipolar +/-15 V DC power supply and will accommodate round primary conductors of 70 mm diameter. In addition to its normal current output, the transducer offers an additional status interlock output pin indicating the transducer state and an external status LED showing normal operation.

www.lem.com | sro@lem.com

Absolute linear encoders

Made to fit tight spaces

Numerik Jena has developed two families of absolute linear encoders to fit into tight spaces. The LAK and the KIT LA are non-contact encoders that offer several types of electrical interfaces, including EnDat 2.2 with analog signals. This interface allows motion stage manufacturers to use the absolute position values and the analog position values for different purposes. The absolute linear encoders serve precision measurement feedback applications in the semiconductor, medical, automation and metrology industries.

The new LAK scanning units have a shielded housing, whereas the KIT LA scanning units are a sensor with an optional frame, both of which have two scanning fields for contamination resistance.

kkaufenberg@heidenhain.com | 847-490-0387

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