The Next Phase in Quality’s Evolution

Abstract:In the modern information-driven work environment, there is a propensity for employees to be flooded by a massive influx of data and stimuli. This can result in distractibility, increased stress levels and a loss of productivity. Mindfulness, or the quality of being fully present and aware in the moment, has been increasingly incorporated into corporate environments to reduce stress. However, encouraging mindfulness within the corporate culture has positive impacts in employee productivity and quality of life, as …

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--Indu , 07-31-2017

Great initiative for quality. We have to include neuroscience in the quality portfolio for better results.
--Jesus Gilberto Concepcion Garcia, 07-18-2017

Our lives are full of constant bombardment from emails, texts, and technology in general. I plan to try the mindfulness exercise a couple times a day at work.
--Cindy, 07-12-2017

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