Shop floor efficiency

The MarSurf PS10 from Mahr is a roughness measuring unit for mobile use. It is designed to measure 31 roughness parameters, offers a list of "favorite" functions in the display, and provides laboratory-level performance on the shop floor.

The measuring unit is intended for quick roughness testing in and on a machine while in production. It is designed for use in quality assurance of milled and turned parts, ground and honed workpieces, on large machines, large workpieces, or for use with incoming inspection.

The range of measuring applications is expanded by the ability to remove the drive unit from the MarSurf PS10 and operate it separately from the display, providing the user with more flexibility. Optional probes for different measuring tasks allow for the measurement of gears and deep measuring points such as in grooves or bores. The large battery pack recharges in 1.5 hours and enables over 1,200 measurements per charge.

www.mahrexactly.com| 888-648-8869

Optical breadboard

Structural damping

TMC’s Hybrid Honeycomb is a type of optical breadboard that combines a custom, bonded aluminum plate with the structural damping of a honeycomb breadboard.

Hybrid Honeycomb starts as an aluminum plate. The plate is machined to achieve the desired features. The underside is then machined away, leaving a monolithic honeycomb pattern to lighten the structure. A bottom skin is epoxied over the honeycomb cells, closing the structure and providing additional damping and stiffness.

Hybrid Honeycomb structures are engineered solutions. Each version is custom designed for the unique requirements of the application. It is ideal for optical subassemblies in photonics tools and applications including lab automation, drug discovery, lasers, surface metrology and semiconductor inspection.

www.techmfg.com| 978-532-6330

Tilt switches

Four adjustable output relays

The Fredericks Co. has expanded its line of tilt switches with a programmable dual axis tilt switch. The 0729-1763-XX uses TrueTilt sensors and four adjustable output relays. Its design makes it a solution for applications including level measurement for constructional and agricultural vehicles and machinery.

The 0729-1763-XX is built for industrial positioning and angle switching applications. It maintains high accuracy, resolution and repeatability specifications. The design includes a robust plastic or metal casing that provides durability and environmental endurance. The 0729-1763-XX has low power consumption and minimal drift.

www.frederickscompany.com| 215-947-2500

Wire splicer

Durable and protective

Marine motors present demanding conditions for electrical systems. Constantly exposed to high humidity, their performance relies on the protective properties of tin-coated copper wiring. Sonobond’s ultrasonic welders help marine manufacturers of wiring harnesses, battery cables and panel assemblies meet the standards of the American Boat and Yacht Council, the global voluntary safety standards organization in the marine industry.

The wedge-reed system combines high vibratory force with low vibratory amplitude, directed in a shear mode parallel to the welding surface, and with the line of force directly over the materials being welded. This achieves the high vibratory force required to disperse the tin coating and ensure precise and dependable welds without bending stress or stalling, and without compromising the conductivity of the copper.

Sonobond’s ultrasonic wire splicers can accommodate a range of wire bundle sizes starting at 1 mm2. They also can be custom tooled to meet specific applications.

The SpliceRite wire splicer unit with 3500 watt power supply offers one-pulse wire splicing of wire bundles up to 60 mm2 and tinned or oxidized wire bundles as large as 35 mm2. Its dual head SpliceRite ultrasonic wire splicer can handle lightly tinned or oxidized wire to 60 mm2 without precleaning and can weld stranded copper wires as large as 100 mm2 in a single pulse.

www.sonobondultrasonics.com| 800-232-1269


Small footprint

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the NRH27C, a non-contact rotary position sensor suitable for use on specialty on- and off-highway vehicles using CANbus communications.

These include a low-profile sensor body, small footprint, CANbus J1939 communications and a fully encapsulated, IP69K-rated design that offers performance against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature. This makes the range ideal for use by OEMs of on- and off-highway vehicles destined for use in challenging environments.

Within the CAN messaging structure of the vehicle, the NRH27C’s two independent Hall-effect sensing signals allow for error checking of the positional data, which addresses the needs of safety-critical applications. Additionally, an on-board diagnostic function means predefined error messages can be sent to define the present state of the sensor.

www.cw-industrialgroup.com| 44-1202-034000

Barcode readers

Safety and read rates

Cognex has announced a suite of electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe barcode readers, the DataMan 360, 150/260 and 50 series fixed-mount readers, as well as DataMan 8050HD/HDX corded handheld readers now offer models with ESD-safe housing to prevent damage to components that are ESD sensitive.

ESD—the sudden flow of static electricity between two objects—can damage electronic devices, spark explosions or fires in flammable environments and cause data failures. Cognex’s ESD-safe barcode readers combine ESD-safe plastics for all enclosure parts with an antistatic coating for all optical parts to prevent damage to components.

www.cognex.com| 855-426-4639

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