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Abstract:In any root cause analysis (RCA), a good working hypothesis is critical to giving investigators a place to start. There are five virtues to a good hypothesis: conservatism, modesty, simplicity, generality, and refutability. Hypotheses should above all be refutable, but also should not make many assumptions, conflict with too many established beliefs, should not go too far beyond the data, and should be as general as possible. Even if a hypothesis turns out to be wrong during an RCA investigation, a new one may emerge and investigators will have a better foothold on finding the root cause of a …

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Table 1 is incorrect. It does not contain the "five virtues of a hypothesis."
--Brent Pistun, 05-21-2017

Great article! However, about "Linda" - per, "Students with a degree in philosophy tend to excel in their career because they are highly trained in critical thinking, persuasive writing, argument analysis, logic, argumentation, and effective communication." Careers in Law, Business, Journalism, Policy-making and Teaching are recommended.

--Martin Transue, 05-10-2017

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