Do You Understand?

Abstract:Read-and-understand training is a very common training technique that organizations administer to employees, especially in well regulated sectors, such as pharmaceuticals. This type of training is common because it is cost effective and does not require extra resources in order to educate and employee in basic standard operating procedures (SOP). However, a study performed on a pharmaceutical organization's affiliates in Australia, China, Singapore, and Taiwan showed that read-and-understand training is not the most effective way to educate employees on standards that are crucial to their field. Action learning, or training involving repetitive action of an SOP, proved in this study to increase knowledge of the SOP by employees significantly, and should be employed by organizations that are heavily …

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"Do you Understand" from the April issue of Quality Progress was a straightforward representation of the ineffective norm of the commonly used read and understand testimonial approach to training. I appreciated its reinforcement of the fundamental need for practice in order to achieve progress and facilitate competency. For me, it boiled down to assessing actions/behavior and expected output instead of relying on bobble-headed testimony of understanding.
--Randy Wasberg, 05-11-2017

--javier nino, 04-10-2017

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