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Abstract:The ultimate goal for any manufacturer is to provide products without defects to customers, but this goal is almost impossible to achieve. Manufacturers rely on operators to make sure products are created correctly and without defect, but operators are human, and humans are fallible, so defects will always be a looming threat. However, implementing creative and smartly placed error proofs is one way to significantly reduce defects and aid the operators in managing the products. Error proofs are mechanisms or devices that tell the operator when the job is done right, and if placed before an operator can begin a task, can prevent defects from …

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--Miguel Pereda, 05-11-2017

Good article! I didn't know the cap on carbonated beverage bottles is an error-proofing device. Don't agree with the dissing of FMEA though. Totally different tool, used for different reasons. 80% of the manufacturing cost of a product is set during design - this is where FMEA is very impactful.
--Sara, 05-08-2017

Fully agreed that error-proofing approach is more pragmatic than dream dive in FMEA approach.
--WK Tang, 04-14-2017

This points out that small details can make a positive impact in a complex environment.
--Ricky P, 04-07-2017

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