Torque tool tester

Performance Check

Shimpo Instruments’ TTC series torque tool tester is a simple operation test instrument for checking torque tool performance up to 590 ft-lb. The TTC tester provides accuracy of +/-0.3% of reading to measure various size and capacity tools such as torque wrenches, manual screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, pneumatic screwdrivers and other torque-controlled power tools.

The TTC series have six modes of operation. Preset operation with programmable tolerance thresholds for pass/fail tool test is available in all modes. The analog bar graph on the LCD aids users by providing the resultant torque’s current position compared to the full-scale range along with the direction of the force. Pass/fail icons produce live test feedback allowing instant determination of the results. The TTC’s software enables the uploading of data and the additional statistical analysis with its auto-calculation of the selected values.

800-237-7079 | www.shimpoinst.com


Suitable for Sensors

Zeiss has released three focal lengths to its Interlock family of industrial lenses, and also a compact version. The four lightweight fixed focal lengths of the Interlock compact series—with a short M42x1 mount—feature screws that allow exact locking of the aperture and focus.

The aperture can be adjusted using the de-click mechanism, allowing a precise exposure setting. The large image circle permits the lenses to be used on area scan cameras with full-frame sensors and online scan cameras with a sensor size of up to 43 mm.

Their low weight and robust metal design make the lenses suitable for rough industrial use, for example, crash tests in the automotive industry. The sensor can also be used in logistics, food and medical technology industries.

800-543-1033 | www.zeiss.com

Power source

Output Available

Pacific Power Source has introduced the AFX Series of programmable AC, DC and AC+DC power sources. The 360AFX model pushes available output power down to 6kVA/6kW in AC mode and 4.2kW in DC mode. Higher-power AFX Series models range from 9kVA to 60kVA. All models are based on a proprietary, all-digital, power-conversion technology platform that supports a set of formerly unavailable features and capabilities used in programmable power sources.

The 360AFX is well suited for upgrading legacy power test cabinets without consuming additional space demanded by conventional AC power sources.

949-251-1800 | www.pacificpower.com

Tool monitor

Monitor and Manage

Marposs’s compact tool monitoring unit (TMU) system detects breakage, wear and missing tools by measuring and matching the variation of power consumption in different cutting sessions. The TMU system consists of a TMU True Power (TP) module and TMview software. It is ideal for applications involving simple processes such as drilling, tapping and milling, large batch production, and for installations requiring monitoring without data or process analysis.

The TMU monitors the state of the tool during the processing phases. This lets users improve machining quality, while reducing rejects and the idle periods that would be necessary to impose on the machine if this type of check were performed manually. The TMU TP module has been designed to be sensitive enough to detect the slight variations in power consumption caused by small tools or finishing processes.
The TMU TP and the TMview software have been devised with the ability to record—and subsequently compare—machining processes of the same type. This means that it is easy to program the TMU TP to control processes that are difficult to monitor due to the type of timescales involved, such as tapping, which uses small tools and fast operating speeds.

248 370-0404 | www.marposs.com


Connection Made

Heidenhain has introduced a series of functionally safe hollow-shaft connection encoders to the manufacturing equipment industry. Called the ECN/EQN/ERN 400 series, these rotary encoders are useful in applications in which quick machine shut-off is required in dangerous situations.
The series features a shaft coupling that provides mechanical fault exclusion for connection to the machine shaft. The ECN/EQN/ERN 400s are of particular use in safety-related applications, and are available with a blind hollow shaft or a hollow through shaft with a choice of 10mm or 12mm diameter.

The ECN/EQN/ERN 400 hollow-shaft encoders are offered with either the EnDat 2.2 or DRIVE-CLiQ absolute serial interfaces or an analog 1 VPP output. Encoders using the EnDat2.2 and Drive-CLiQ outputs will feature an internal temperature sensor integrated in the encoder electronics, as well as an evaluation circuit for an external temperature sensor to use for evaluation of the motor temperature.

847-490-1191 | www.heidenhain.us


Metal Cutter

Jenoptik’s laser cutting machine—the Jenoptik-VotanBIM—is an ideal tool for processing metal working parts. The laser has a repeat accuracy of up to 50μm, and in one second it cuts a circle or other standard contour. This allows for a shorter cycle time.
The system concept of the Jenoptik-VotanBIM series is based on a beam guide inside the robot. Laser sources with a power of up to 5kW can be used without the necessity for an external beam guide. At the same time, the equidistant beam path prevents the laser beam from pumping effects, ensuring a stable beam quality.

With its metal cutting laser machine series, Jenoptik serves the automotive industry by cutting complex car body and structural parts, as well as hydroformed tubes that are used for exhaust systems or car body rail manufacturing.

engine.akyol@jenoptik.com | www.jenoptik.com

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