Wire crimp pull tester

The WT3-201M motorized wire crimp pull tester from Mark-10 is designed to measure pull-off forces of up to 200 lbF for wire and tube terminations.

The tester conforms to many requirements for destructive testing. Nondestructive testing is also possible, such as pulling to a load or maintaining a load for a specified period of time, as per UL 486A/B requirements. Programmable pass/fail limits with red and green indicators and audio alerts help identify nonconforming samples.

The tester accommodates wire sizes up to AWG 3, or sizes are customizable through the available machinable blank fixture. Auto-start automatically begins the test when the wire sample has been loaded. When the sample breaks, the tester can auto-reverse, output the peak force, store the peak force and zero the display automatically.

On-board data storage and statistical calculations are provided for up to 2,000 readings, with available date and time stamp, for each saved data point. Data can be transferred to a PC or other data collector.

Visit: www.mark-10.com.

Email: info@mark-10.com.

Linear scale

Mitutoyo’s Absolute AT1100 is an assembly-type linear scale that incorporates Mitutoyo’s electromagnetic induction technology. This provides resistance against contaminants such as cutting fluids, oil and water.

The shape and location of the detector track in the aluminum frame provides an effective defense against the contamination of the scale and sensor, even in harsh environments. The sensor-to-scale air gap is about 0.4 mm, which is four times as wide as conventional optical or electromagnetic induction systems, providing additional protection against dust or oil contamination.

Visit: www.mitutoyo.com.

Call: 888-648-8869.


Leine and Linde has announced the functional safety integrated (FSI) product series with integrated safe functions. The FSI 900 monitors rotating movement and acts immediately to ensure none of the set limits will be exceeded. As an absolute encoder, the FSI 900 sends data to the control system. Unlike an encoder, however, this product is capable of maintaining the limits set by the user for safe functions.

The integrated safe functions in the FSI 900 are easily adapted to the demands for safety in the specific encoder application. Traditionally, separate components have been required to achieve monitoring and regulation of overspeed and end limits. But these functions are fully covered by FSI 900.

It also can be used for monitoring safe acceleration and standstill. The machinery directive for functional safety will be fulfilled without the control unit of the system needing to be safety certified.

Visit: www.leinelinde.com.

Call: 805-562-1160.

Optical coatings

Rigaku Innovative Technologies (RIT) has released a range of precision extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) optical coatings for manufacturing reflective mirrors for semiconductor industry wafer pattern printing. RIT’s reflective optics are critical elements of the optical chain used inside scanner tools that print chip patterns onto wafers at rates of speed as high as 125 wafers per hour.

RIT coatings are used in next generation lithography techniques that will enable the semiconductor industry to continue to reduce printed transistor size. This increases device functionality by greatly increasing the number of transistors that can be printed on a chip. In addition, the chips consume less power, a critical factor in extending device battery life. The new chips will be used to continue the evolution of smartphone technology, GPS devices, home entertainment, and other wireless applications.

Visit: www.rigakuoptics.com.

Call: 248-232-6400.

X-ray fluorescence analyzer

Olympus’ Vanta X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer is designed to work in harsh environments—specifically mining applications. The Vanta analyzers are IP65-rated for protection against dust and water, and built to pass a 4-foot drop test. With an optional fan, they can work continuously in an ambient operating temperature range of -10° C to 50° C.

The analyzer uses Axon technology, which features signal processing that uses ultra low-noise electronics to process higher X-ray counts per second, with lower detection limits. Axon technology enables researchers to better understand controls on ore grade in mineral deposits, as well as the subtle variances associated with mineralization patterns in an exploration environment.

Vanta analyzers include a responsive touchscreen that is readable in any light, and optional Bluetooth and wireless local area network functionality for data transfer.

Visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Call: 781-419-3562.

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