Fresh motivation

In response to "One Good Idea: Rethinking Audit Reports" (December 2016, p. 79):

It’s always useful to include positive statements, but beware of changing terms. An "audit" may be part of a larger "assessment," but the intent and process of an audit are particular. Changing the name will not change the subject’s response. That only can be accomplished with a truly supportive execution of the audit’s intent to improve.

Steven Cooke
Charlotte, NC

Clear and adaptable

How to apply the tool outlined in "Measuring Maturity" (September 2016, pp. 38-42) was clearly explained, and it seems to have easy adaptability at an individual level, which can be followed by expanding it to other units of an organization.

Srinivasan Viswanathan Achary
Hyderabad, India

Beyond the requirements

"Standards Outlook: ISO 9001:2015—What’s Vital" (September 2016, pp. 53-54) makes a great point that ISO 9001 is "a set of minimum requirements for an effective quality management system," and organizations should consider going beyond meeting the minimum requirements and focus on short and long-term organizational sustainability.

The authors caught my attention with their processes they suggested using to expand a QMS’s breadth and depth, and go beyond ISO 9001 compliance—such as incorporating quality management input into the strategic-planning process, and using the structure and deployment of a QMS to address globalization.

These are weaknesses in many organizations. They’re not effectively integrated with overall business processes and operate in silos. The authors’ processes are good starting points for going beyond ISO 9001’s minimum requirements, and organizations also should consider using industry standards such IATF 16949, TL 9000 and AS 9100 as additional resources.

Govind Ramu
San Jose, CA

Communication calibration

In response to "Measure for Measure: Write It Right" (July 2016, pp. 47-48):

For my organization, it’s critical to understand The International Vocabulary of Metrology (Joint Committee for Guides on Metrology, 2012) and the International System of Units. These allow us to have good communication with our customers and calibration-service providers.

Roberto Benitez
Monterrey, Mexico

Planning success

In response to "Back to Basics: Perfect the Project" (June 2016, p. 80):

Correctly planning is important prior to starting the core work, which might affect the success and outcomes of a project.

Aylin N. Minikus
Winterthur, Switzerland

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