Building Assurance

Abstract:Eli Lilly and Co. in Indianapolis wanted to take on a $90 million project to retrofit their manufacturing facility, which included shutting down their facility and running on very tight deadlines. The project manager for this venture brought in a construction quality assurance (CQA) team to be sure that before the work began, all of the issues were identified and planned for. Though bringing in the CQA team was protested by the construction manager, their involvement in the process saved Eli Lilly and Co. a total of $2 million and made sure the project was completed on time. The CQA team worked in three phases: preconstruction and fabrication, construction, and transfer of care/commissioning and qualification. The amount of money saved from just the first phase of the project paid for the services of the CQA team, demonstrating real value and necessity to include a good quality assurance team on any …

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A good example of applying Quality Management principles on a Construction project upfront and early, to deliver improved Quality outputs and cost savings on a project. Doing it 'Right first time', with pride in each company's commitment and workmanship.
--M SEARSON, 01-11-2017

--Jesse A. Fox, 01-10-2017

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