Get in Shape

Abstract:Getting an organization on track towards continuous improvement is much like committing to a physical fitness regimen. If the regimen is treated like an extra chore or task to be done everyday rather than a core part of daily life, the regimen will likely be abandoned after only a short amount of time. Organizations must commit to an environment of constant improvement, fueled by employees and management together, in order to see positive change. Feelings of fear and failure should be removed and successful improvement initiatives should be recognized and celebrated in any organization. Improvement should be a culture in any organization involving people at every level, and it should start with small …

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Excellent reminder of what will make a CI implementation successful.
--Stacey, 01-26-2017

Great comparison of everyday happenings and how small steps are key
--Mike Young, 01-26-2017

Many useful tips on how to create the culture with in the Organization.
--Muthu, 01-23-2017

valuable, need information about TQM
--Harish, 01-17-2017

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