Gaming the System

Abstract:The great game of business (GGOB) is a strategy to apply open-book management to improve an organization by giving all members knowledge, a voice and a stake in the financial outcome. The system, designed by Jack Stack, engages employees in competitive games and rewards designed to stimulate improvement, lower costs and eradicate waste. Employees are taught about business income and expenses using corporate financial statements, allowing them to see how their work contributes to the whole. Changes are designed and implemented to improve efficiency and boost the bottom line. Results are visible in finance as well as communication, culture and collaboration. Taking the GGOB approach, Induction Heat Treating Corp. saw 20% net profit in the first six months, and employees met the hard-to-achieve bonus challenge in one year. Key to success in GGOB is worker trust in leadership and appreciation of the potential benefits of the group …

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From a quality standpoint, can the GGOB be played on just Cost of Quality alone? Let's say your employees receive a profit sharing bonus, and quality costs have a bottom line impact on their bonus that they can see and feel empowered to affect.
--Ed, 12-16-2016

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