Salary Survey 2016: The Complete Report


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Anyone else find the salary charts to be considerably lower than expected? Online estimators are more accurate at least in my area, west of Boston.
--Paul, 11-09-2017

I think the 2 comments on the article provide ideas for additional criteria to include in the next survey. One for the certification types expansion, although I understand the inspector expansions are still pretty new, just a few years. But the gender question would be really interesting to see included in future surveys.
--Michelle, 10-31-2017

Pointless. I was looking for the wages for a certified mechanical inspector. I could not fine it on your web site. I contacted live help. This is where she directed me. Totally pointless and no help.
--Art Sporleder, 10-10-2017

It would be interesting to see a comparison between the salaries of male and female quality professionals, I see nothing released with this information . I can find some very disturbing difference when playing with the salary calculator and changing only the gender setting for various job titles and metro areas.
--Michelle, 01-31-2017

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