Smart camera

Cognex has introduced the In-Sight VC200 series of multi-smart camera vision systems. The In-Sight VC200’s processing power increases with each additional camera, expanding the number of multi-camera inspection applications. This helps keep pace with fast-moving production lines and also provides flexibility to solve applications with sequential or asynchronous inspections.

The In-Sight VC200 series includes a fully customizable, web-enabled human-machine interface, providing monitoring and control through password-protected access levels. Operators can view inspections, engineers can modify parameters and plant managers can review performance statistics simultaneously from any iOS, Android or MS Windows-based device with a web browser.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

Call: 855-426-4639.

Sealed rotary encoders

Heidenhain has expanded the ROD 600 series of incremental sealed rotary encoders for high loads with the ROD 620 and 630 models.

These encoders are designed for applications in machine tool, plant construction and in position feedback systems for controlling asynchronous motors.

The rotary encoders of the ROD 600 series are characterized primarily by an improved reinforced bearing with a high axial and radial load capacity, a large and stable shaft diameter of 15 mm and a solid flange socket connection that allows for connection in the radial or axial direction. Each electrical output signal can connect to many standard electronics.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Call: 847-519-4702.

Polymer bearings

EDT’s metal detectable Poly-Round bearings are polymer plane bearings that directly interchange with industry standard mounted bearings without balls, grease, cage or seals. These features make them clean-operating and accepted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. When made of EDT’s metal detectable, X-ray detectable and optically detectable blue polymer, the food safety of edible products is further enhanced.

Metal detectable Poly-Round bearings are beneficial in applications directly over or near food product zones. The metal detectable characteristics of the blue polymer help detect and recover foreign materials should a failure occur.

EDT’s metal detectable Poly-Round bearings are available in shaft sizes from 1/2 in. to 1-7/16 in., in all styles of machined or cast-stainless housings.

Visit: www.edtcorp.com.

Call: 800-810-7110.


Amada Miyachi America has announced a systemwide upgrade to its Sigma Laser Stent and Tube Cutter, which can be configured with either microsecond fiber or femtosecond lasers. Featuring three or four axes of motion, wet and dry cutting, an automated tube loader option, and easy access to subassemblies, the updated system can cut stents and tubes with diameters from 0.2 to 25 mm. The operator-friendly control software features a 22 in. graphic-user interface on a swing arm.

The Sigma system has been designed for efficient production and practical operation. Features include an open architecture with work space access and a sliding door that provides access for part unloading and set up changes. All service components are on easily accessed drawers. The system also features high precision, high-acceleration linear drive stages that improve cycle time, a 2 in. Z axis and optional lineal stage cross axis for off-axis cutting, and a smart-water supply system that controls and monitors flow. A single-screen operator interface facilitates use with password-protected access levels.

Two different laser source options are available. The microsecond fiber laser offers excellent beam quality and high-pulse repetition rates for high-speed precision cutting. The femtosecond laser provides precision cut quality using cold ablation cutting to produce unrivalled edge quality that significantly reduces post-processing costs.

Visit: www.amadamiyachi.com.

Call: 626-303-5676.


Turck has unveiled EtherNet/IP enabled encoders. These provide an optical-based encoder solution with electronic multi-turn capabilities for position applications requiring feedback for customers using the EtherNet/IP and common industrial protocol interface. Common applications for the encoder include automotive production, logistics, metal processing, textile applications, as well as printing and packaging machines.

The EtherNet/IP encoders are available in singleturn (RS-107/108) and multiturn (RM-105/106) variants and have been designed specifically for high-speed applications. The encoders offer a requested packet interval time of 1 ms and allows operation in high-speed applications with up to a 1,000 Hz update frequency.

The RS-107/108 and RM-105/106 EtherNet/IP encoders offer a cost effective, compact EtherNet/IP encoder solution with device level ring (DLR) capability. The DLR capabilities allow the network to stay active even if one direction of the communication bus line is compromised. This is a bi-directional communication capability built into the encoder.

The RS-107/108 and RM-105/106 encoders are available in solid shaft and blind hollow shaft versions, with the blind shaft version having diameters up to 15 mm. The encoders feature an operating temperature range from -40 to +80 °C and are IP65 rated.

Visit: www.turck.us.

Call: 800-544-7769.

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