‘FAST’ calculations

I liked "One Good Idea: Best of Both Worlds" (September 2016). Focused, analyzed success in training (FAST) is a fresh concept that can be used as part of any training program.

Raj Sanne
Little Rock, AR

Internal leverage

I found "Career Corner: Supplying Your Own Success" (August 2016) relevant to any person looking to advance his or her career. I also think you can leverage supply chain management methods internally to understand different branches of an organization and potentially find an opportunity in your area. I would highly recommend this article to professionals who are looking to successfully make their next move or planning future moves.

James Partsch Jr.
North Tonawanda, NY

Risky assumptions

"Sample Simplification" (August 2016) provided a useful approach to sampling and a clear explanation. The article, however, does seem to assume a producer and consumer’s risks are the same. The ISO 2859-1 standard, for example, assumes an alpha risk of 5% and a beta risk of 10%, so it’s more favorable to a producer or supplier.

Renaud Anjoran
Hong Kong

Supply chain insight

In response to "Chain Challenges"
(August 2016):

There are many supply chain challenges, but staying abreast of them often is neglected until an issue rears its ugly head and everyone is scrambling. Looking ahead and applying the "what if" approach may help reduce these challenges. Most challenges can be foreseen, but they require customers to do their due diligence to address them. This article gave some great insights to apply.

Dennis Bullock
Albany, OR

Capitalizing on CAPA

"Expert Answers: CAPA Effectiveness" (August 2016) by Andy Barnett was a well-thought-out response, and it will be quite helpful in an upcoming pharmaceutical corrective and preventive action discussion I’m having. Thank you for putting so much effort into a great answer.

Grace Duffy
Eustis, FL

Critical career advice

As a young quality engineer looking for a mentorship, "Career Corner: Meaningful Mentorship" (February 2016) was critical in understanding what I must be prepared for. I found myself thinking about the goals I want to achieve and who can help me do this. I would love to read a related article about how to effectively approach someone to be a mentor.

Nicholas Ferrer
Johnston, RI

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After October’s historic cyberattacks used connected items such as alarm clocks, toys or watches to temporarily shut down huge portions of the internet, experts are warning that the United States could be defenseless against future attacks. They say too many computerized devices have little to no security built into them, and the same superweapon that crippled much of the internet could be used again.

Used Cars Slip Past Recall Safeguards, Putting Drivers in Danger
There is no explicit U.S. federal requirement that sellers of used cars fix problems related to safety recalls, or even disclose the recalls, the way new-car dealers must. Efforts to introduce tougher laws for used cars have languished in Congress, under lobbying pressure from the used-car industry.

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