Electronic gaging system

Mitutoyo has introduced the 519 series of Mu-Checker probes and displays. These electronic gaging systems are suitable for a range of applications from the inspection room to production-line integration.

High-resolution lever-head probes allow multipoint measurements of small parts, flatness and straightness measurements on an X/Y table, as well as runout measurements of shafts. The cartridge-head type is built into equipment due to its compact shape, making it ideal for an automatic measuring machine.

Probes are offered with a standard or low-measuring force. The low-force style enables soft workpieces to be measured without significant deformation. Optional styli, extension rods and brackets are available. Digital and analog display models offer zero setting with the touch of a button.

Call: 888-648-8869.

Visit: www.mitutoyo.com.

Horizontal force tester

The ESM303H from Mark-10 is a configurable horizontal force tester for tension and compression measurement applications. It has a rugged design suitable for laboratory and production environments. The FollowMe force-based positioning uses your hand as your guide to push and pull on the load cell to move the crosshead at a variable rate of speed.

A wide range of tests can be performed, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, loadholding, elongation testing, tensile testing and compression testing.

When the ESM303H’s clearance is insufficient for the application, its modular mechanical design allows for frame extensions. Individual functions, such as travel measurement, cycling and loadholding may be purchased either upfront or enabled in the field through an activation code.

Visit: www.mark-10.com.

Email: info@mark-10.com.

Vertical machining center

Methods Machine Tools has expanded its Feeler line to include the HV-1100V, a high performance vertical machining center that features a rugged design and many features to provide accuracy and machining efficiency. The HV-1100V features a dedicated trunnion, 4+1 axis configuration and a 13.8" (350 mm) rotary table.

The reinforced cross-ribbed column structure and no counter-balance weight design improves torsional torque resistance and reduces low-frequency resonance for optimal stability. This design reduces peck-drilling vibration and prevents oscillation normally caused by a counter-balance weight.

The HV-1100V also features a 30 tool swing arm automatic tool changer magazine. A fast chip removal system with chip conveyor, automatic lubrication system, dust-proof electrical cabinet and Methods’ safety package are all standard on the HV-1100V.

Call: 978-443-5388.

Visit: www.methodsmachine.com.


The Iplex NX is Olympus’ industrial videoscope designed to help locate flaws that were previously undetectable and streamline inspections in difficult-to-reach areas. With the Iplex NX, operators can identify and measure flaws from twice the distance that is possible with conventional videoscopes.

The image quality makes it easier to inspect a large area for small, subtle flaws. The videoscope can capture images in hard-to-access spaces, such as the interior of gas turbines, where external lighting cannot reach.

The Iplex NX features ghost imaging which provides inspection record keeping and defect monitoring by overlaying images captured during previous inspections with a current inspection image so users can quickly view how flaws have changed over time.

When inspections are complete, the Iplex NX supports robust archiving and reporting. The software also can generate customizable report templates that contain all the information necessary for inspection record keeping and archiving.

Call: 781-419-3562.

Visit: www.olympus-ims.com.

Surface inspection system

The Zeiss Abis II surface inspection system can identify surface defects directly at the production step in which they occur.

The Abis II system can be used with various upgrades and in different ambient conditions. The system captures defects on the component quickly and reliably, keeping laborious rework to a minimum in process stages, such as on the finish band. The Abis II is ideal for the automotive industry. The system’s areas of application include routine off-line auditing at regular intervals and the fully automated in-line inspection of parts at the end of a press line.

Call: 763-744-2409.

Visit: www.zeiss.com.

Rotary encoder

The Leine and Linde 1000 series rotary encoder with speed monitoring capabilities is used in applications where secure speed feedback is critical to protect motors, machinery or operators from risk of failure. This is useful on heavy-moving machinery such as hoists, lifts, cranes and mining equipment.

Leine and Linde’s overspeed electronics on the 1000 series consist of a speed-detection system that senses rotational speed and direction. These electronics control three different relay switches which can be programmed for identification of critical speeds or errors in direction. A fourth relay also can be set to detect overspeed conditions or any functional error in the unit itself.

As critical speeds can vary for different applications, the ability to program application specific set-points offers flexibility. With this capability, a standard 1000 series encoder with overspeed electronics can be supplied and programmed for each installation.

Speed limits can be set for direction, over and under speed from zero to 6,000 RPM. PC-based software is provided to configure the encoder using a standard USB port.

Call: 805-562-1160.

Visit: www.leinelinde.com.

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