Buying Into Quality

Abstract:Quality tools are effective methods organizations can use to improve their purchasing processes. The tools facilitate performance evaluation, benchmarking of key performance indicators and pointing out improvement opportunities, helping to lower costs and boost efficiency through the entire supply chain. Once processes are measured and key performance indicators are defined and benchmarked, descriptive statistics can illuminate key variables such as lead time. Root cause analysis follows, using any of a variety of tools to trace performance issues to procedures, people or IT systems. Identified performance indicators tie root causes of problems to end results and track the progress of later improvements. The process of assessment and correction serves as a basis for future purchasing …

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--Majed Aldeeri, 04-14-2018

very interesting article! it would be interesting to see if someone has done such a process flow analysis on engineering work from start to finish. I suspect projects are started before being fully defined. this yields an apparent "lateness" while requirements are still being defined.
--Steve Graber, 09-16-2016

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