Chain Challenges

Abstract:For a company to have a handle on manufacturing flow, it must know all its suppliers and their locations. Risk for the manufacturer increases with the complexity of the supply chain, which may include subsuppliers and unknown subcontractors, and the distance from suppliers. Quality problems may go unnoticed, timing through the chain is more vulnerable to disruption, and implementing any required changes is more complicated and costly. Risks can be lowered by using a proven approval process, fully understanding suppliers' capabilities, using lean and statistical process control, and building in contingencies. Close partnering with single-source suppliers, strong communications, and access to real-time data are critical. A case study illustrates supply chain …

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--Paresh , 10-22-2016

The challenges of the supply chain are many. But staying abreast of the challenges often is neglected until an issue rears its ugly head and then everyone is scrambling. Look ahead and applying the "What if?" approach may help reduce the challenges. Most challenges can be foreseen, but requires the customer to do their due diligence to address. This article gives some great in sites to apply.
--Dennie Bullock, 08-17-2016

--palash, 08-02-2016

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