Power take-off

Twin Disc has announced the release of the hydraulically-actuated HP1200, a heavy-duty power take-off. It’s ideal for applications such as driving pumps, grinders, crushers, dredgers, clippers, shredders and heavy-duty drills.

It features auxiliary drive pump towers with 400 hp maximum capacity per tower, or 550 hp maximum for both. They are rotatable by 0°, 45° and 90°, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, to allow for clearance in installation. Optional speed ratios are available. Pads and splines are interchangeable to accommodate varying pump sizes.

A spring applied, hydraulically-released brake has been added as a standard feature. A mechanical brake release allows the output shaft to be rotated if the driven equipment becomes jammed.

Email: sales@twindisc.com.

Visit: www.twindisc.com.

Bearing modules

Heidenhain has released a product family that is a merger of Heidenhain bearing and angle encoder technologies. Resulting in the MRP 2000, 5000 and 8000 (as well as customer-specific variants), these modules contain bearing sets not conventionally available, and are able to be integrated with various encoder types to yield stiff modules that are easy to install.

The angle encoder modules represent a merging of the key requirements for precision rotary axes used in metrology, calibration devices, automation technology, micro machining and the semiconductor industry.

Key features of the MRP series bearing include a high guideway accuracy combined with high rigidity, a low starting torque and a constant continuous torque. Value was placed on compact dimensions due to the fact that the bearing raceway is machined directly onto the shaft. Bearing loads up to 300 Newtons are possible while still maintaining the system accuracy.

The encoders fulfill the requirements for motion feedback applications. Incremental or absolute encoders can be used as required, with resolutions up to 29 bits. The encoders also ensure low position noise and drift.

Each encoder module undergoes an accuracy test involving a five-dimensional test for wobble as well as axial and radial guideway accuracies. Therefore, two quality inspection certificates are enclosed with each module. The first certificate documents the system accuracy and the second one documents the guideway accuracy.

Visit: www.heidenhain.us.

Call: 847-490-1191.

Load cell testing

Load Cell Central has introduced a tester that offers economical and versatile load cell testing equipment. The SST1 can be used by different skill levels and the cost has a low impact on the budget.

The SST1 can provide results that help determine if the cell has been overloaded, has been shock loaded, has water damage or metal fatigue. The SST1 features a real-time reading in a percentage of full scale, allowing the user to test without removing the load cell from its installation. This tester will check resistance within +0.5%.

The SST1 is housed in a compact and portable enclosure. This tester performs bridge testing, resistance testing, full scale output and zero balance testing. The menu navigation of the SST1 is user friendly. It supports four or six wire load cells.

Call: 800-562-3235.

Visit: www.800loadcel.com.

Power adaptor

Conntek’s Generator Y adapter is designed to adapt a single power source into two sources safely. The helps spread power evenly from a generator power source. The 30A Generator Y adapter connects two 15/20A sources. It stays flexible in cold weather and is heat resistant up to 221° F. The adapter’s bright yellow cord makes it easily visible, especially in low light environments.

The adapter’s clear connectors with orange neon power indicators help users know that power is being safely delivered. It has a maximum power of 7500W.

Call: 414-482-0800.

Visit: www.conntek.com.

Tag reader system

Cognex has announced its Airport Baggage Handling Identification solution (ABH-ID), an image-based automatic tag reader system. The Cognex ABH-ID solution uses airline industry-recognized technology that reads codes that are traditionally difficult to decode and offers read rates at critical junctions, such as transfer lines, where tags frequently sustain damage from the airplane loading and unloading process.

This solution is important because the new International Air Transport Association Resolution 753, going into effect June 2018, will require all member airlines to demonstrate the acquisition and delivery of baggage at three points:  load, transfer and arrival. Each time a bag is handled, the quality and readability of the tag could be compromised by smearing, scratching or exposure to weather. The ABH-ID solution offers the ability to accurately read damaged tags. 

The Cognex ABH-ID solution incorporates DataMan fixed-mount image-based barcode readers. Image-based readers have a solid-state design requiring low maintenance. The solution also features Xpand technology that provides the flexibility to fit into space-constricted environments. Xpand technology offers improved redundancy and increased field of view, which simplifies installation and reduces overall system cost.

Call: 855-426-4639.

Visit: www.cognex.com.

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