Lasting legacy

I loved reading about W. Edwards Deming in "Always Applicable" (June 2016, pp. 46-53). He was a man who changed a country, but remained mostly unknown even into the 1980s. Good ideas with positive messages are sometimes ignored or challenged, and it’s common for someone to say, "That’s not applicable here."

That didn’t stop Deming from spreading his ideas, even when the Western world would not listen to him. Those who continue listening to him have stayed in business after all these years.

Cherry Trinidad
Surrey, British Columbia

"Always Applicable" was an interesting and useful article, especially for those unfamiliar with W. Edwards Deming. For those who are familiar with his life and teachings, there are many interesting questions this article did not discuss, such as: Why are Deming’s ideas not required reading for today’s business leaders? Why has attention to his ideas steadily decreased over the last 20 years? Why is a new generation of CEOs seemingly uninterested in his work? Which of Deming’s principles have become obsolete in today’s environment? Which ideas should be renewed or removed?

Vladimir Shper
Moscow, Russia

Birthday wishes

In response to ASQ’s 70th anniversary ("Trivia Time," May 2016, pp.18-25):

I became an ASQ member in April, but I’ve been reading ASQ articles since 2007 after I retired from the U.S. military. I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and sharing it with future generations. More power to ASQ in sustaining the strength of the nation. Happy 70th anniversary!

Miguel Otero
Huntsville, AL

I became an ASQ member in 2014 and have been focused on reading most of ASQ’s articles about quality. After I sat for the certified quality technician exam and didn’t pass, I started losing hope that I would become certified. But I’ve reversed my psychology, and I’m studying harder. I know ASQ will help me achieve my goal of becoming a quality lover. More power to ASQ, and happy 70th anniversary.

Virginia Wilson
South Bend, IN

ASQ’s excellent track record was captured in "Trivia Time." This is awesome for a global organization that propagates quality, and advocates quality of life and social responsibility with no borders.

Girish Trehan

Relevant classification

"Beyond Tried and True" (May 2016, pp. 42-49) was a great article. Thanks for writing it, Lance. The supplier risk classification form has helped me see how to address this in my own organization. I like the way this piece was written. It’s concise, clear and relevant to the newly revised ISO 9001 standard.

John Abson
Frimley, United Kingdom

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