The Only Constant

Ways to become better, and stay that way

They say the only thing constant is change, and for so many organizations, the struggle to manage change effectively is constant. Quality professionals have been increasingly thrust into the role of ushering in change and helping to manage the way it spreads and resonates throughout an organization.

Change is fuzzy. There are few steadfast rules that can be applied, and every situation is different. This month’s issue is focused on helping you manage change in your own organization.

First, we look at the Joint Commission for a lesson in change done well. In "How We Work," Assistant Editor Tyler Gaskill sat down with leaders at the healthcare accreditation organization to discuss its methods for shepherding in change, and ensuring it is sustained. The Joint Commission tackled head on the challenge of changing its culture, which can be difficult, given that human variables defy prediction. But the results are so much better than they would have been had they swept those factors under the rug. The article also includes a video component, which can be viewed at asq.org/joint-commission-interviews.

"System Sustainability," details the change management journey of a pharmaceutical facility. The author contends that the change itself is not the hardest part—it’s sustaining the change and creating the culture to support it. The author advocates for monitoring and effectiveness checks to keep a culture change on course.

In "Designing a Fix," learn how a team overhauled an organization’s operations planning and sales function, despite a complicated, wide-reaching supply chain. By assessing the areas with the most problems, the team chose to apply lean principles and build a tool to standardize repetitive daily planning. Process study, analytics and technology were complementary to the lean and Six Sigma methods used.

Did you miss last month’s ASQ World Conference on Quality and Improvement? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Look for many new videos to be released throughout 2016 on specific topics including standards, culture of quality, tools and much more. Interviews with experts and attendees also will be included in future episodes of ASQ TV. Subscribe to receive new content alerts on the page, videos.asq.org/home.

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