Wedge stop

R&R Fixtures’ wedge stop ensures a tight fit against the part using its downward angle to keep the part from moving.

The wedge stop can be used with the spring wedge clamp and other components to maintain consistent contact on the part, preventing the force of pressure from backing off the part.

Parts can be secured vertically on the towers using the wedge stops and spring pusher standoff clamp.

Call: 616-847-6045.

Visit: www.rrfixtures.com.

Single-tube loaders

The EZLoad series single-tube loaders from Conair offer processors a solution for a range of point-to-point material conveying and loading applications. The EZLoad loaders offer an angled canister design and hinged filter lid that tilts back and locks to enable access for cleaning or filter maintenance.

The EZLoad control was developed to serve loading applications where advanced load-control features are not necessary. A standard reed switch located on the base of the loader indicates demand, while the EZLoad control automatically adjusts loading time based on resin bulk density to ensure complete hopper fill. The control also features a horn to notify the operator of a material-out situation.

The EZLoad Series loaders are available in two models, with three vacuum motors available to meet varied conveying distance and throughput requirements. Each top-mounted vacuum motor is contained in a sound-dampening plastic housing.

For direct feed applications, EZLoad loaders also can be equipped with optional hoppers that mount directly to a machine throat. The EZLoad 2 can mount to glass hoppers in three sizes or to a 10-lb stainless-steel hopper, while the EZLoad 5 can be mounted to 20 or 40-lb stainless-steel hoppers.

Email: info@conairgroup.com.

Visit: www.conairgroup.com.

Filter family

Schurter is expanding its FMAB NEO single-phase filter family. The series features a compact design and extends the range of current ratings up to 60 A, with an extended temperature range from -40°C to 100°C.

The filter family offers three levels of design flexibility. Design N comes with two large X-capacitors that offer high symmetrical attenuation in the lower frequency range. The filter design P contains two standard X-capacitors for high symmetrical attenuation, while design Q offers one X-capacitor for good symmetrical attenuation. With the extended temperature range, all filters are suitable for applications used in harsh environments.

The FMAB NEO filters have a polished steel housing with a closed filter base. The filter is effectively and completely shielded, regardless of how it is mounted. The filter series is suitable for equipment with high symmetrical interferences, such as devices with semiconductors that control high-power equipment, including professional coffee machines and water heaters. The compact filters are also suitable for medical equipment and household appliances.

The filter series is fitted with plug-in connections or threaded bolts. A version with wire connections is also available. The metal flange provides easy screw-on mounting.

Call: 707-636-3000.

Visit: www.schurterinc.com.

Food sorting system

Sesotec has developed the Captura Flow food sorting system. In the food industry, these sorting systems are used to remove vegetable and non-vegetable contaminations and also detect and remove product defects.

The Captura Flow sorting system was designed to meet the requirements of the food industry with respect to highest hygienic design demands.

In the development of this system, Sesotec focused on quick-and-easy cleaning and attached importance to open design and disassembly without tools. Individual light and air-blast units make it possible to match the system to the sorting task and improve energy and compressed-air consumption.

The Captura Flow sorting system is ideal for the sorting of fresh, frozen, dried, cut, poured and packed products. The system protects consumers against many contaminants and impurities such as glass, wood, cardboard, metals, plastics, stones, insects and rodents. Products of incorrect color, shape or with partial defects also are detected and separated.

Call: 224-208-1900.

Visit: www.sesotec.us.

Safety laser scanner

SICK has released the microScan3 Core safety laser scanner. The microScan3 Core is a compact safety laser scanner with a 5.5 m range and a 275° scanning angle ideal for area and access guarding. The microScan3 features safeHDDM (high definition distance measurement) scanning technology that filters out nuisances such as dust and ambient light. This scanning technology based on time-of-flight improves scan accuracy when faced with dirty environments, weld sparks or cross talk.

The microScan3 Core also features software for easy configuration, as well as pushbutton diagnostics. The microScan3 Core also features M12 standard plugs, a USB connection, and system plug for easy configuration cloning, which reduces cabling costs and downtime in case of scanner damage and replacement.

Email: santi.clarke@sick.com.

Visit: www.sickusa.com.

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