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Abstract:Inspired by Walter A. Shewhart's theory of variation, the system of profound knowledge developed by W. Edwards Deming continues to be relevant. Deming transformed the use of statistical quality control (SQC) in industry to a broader perspective of statistically-based views on quality in management applicable to industry, government and education. Through years of teaching, consulting and writing, he honed fourteen guiding points to four elements in his system of profound knowledge, and he identified poor management as the greatest source of waste. Deming's philosophy on the interrelationship of variation, psychology, knowledge and systems have evolved but remain fundamentally constant, providing valuable guidance for organizational management and continual quality …

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Useful article about W.E. Demming (Quality Guru) contribution
--Janardan Ghimire, 06-27-2019

--george steel, 05-05-2018

I think this paper is very interesting and useful especially for those who do not know about W.E.Deming (WED) or know but not much. For those who are well informed about WED's life and teaching there are much more interesting questions which have not been discussed in the paper: why the ideas of WED remain unrequired today; why the attention to WED's ideas has been steadily decreasing for the last 15-20 years; why new generation of CEOs are not interested in WED's ideas; which principles became obsolete in current environment; which WED's ideas and when have to be renewed or removed?
--Vladimir Shper, 06-09-2016

I always loved reading about Deming. Imagine a man who changed a country and yet remain unknown to many even in the’80s. In today’s social media age, people will give negative opinion even in the most positive article there is. As they say, it is a freedom of expression and each and everyone has the right to express it. Good stuff with very positive messages is sometimes ignored if not challenged. “Not invented here or not applicable to us” are very common.

That did not stop Deming during his day. Never mind if the western world would not listen to him. He changed a nation, and those who listen to him still at stays in business after all these years. Along with Juran, Feigenbaum, Crosby, Ohno, Ishikawa, their voice still resonates to this day even when they are gone.

--Cherry Trinidad, 06-06-2016

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