Confocal microscope

The Zeiss Smartproof 5 wide-field confocal microscope is designed for a range of industrial applications in quality assurance and quality control departments, production environments and R&D labs. The microscope system provides 3-D reconstructions and roughness measurements for workpiece surfaces.

The integrated design of the Smartproof 5 offers the option of installing and running it in different working environments without additional anti-vibration equipment. The optics, electronics and camera are all embedded in the microscope.

The software provides the user with easy-to-operate workflow routines. In addition to geometrical measurements, roughness analyses in 2-D and 3-D can be carried out. The workflows can be saved, ready to perform the same microscopic 3-D analysis.

Call: 763-744-2409.

Visit: www.zeiss.com.


Sensors Unlimited has released the Micro-SWIR 640CSX camera, a line of exportable high-performance short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras. The camera’s compact size and low power draw are suited for integration into commercial systems and industrial process monitoring applications.

On the front end, the 640CSX offers an industry standard C-mount lens interface. On the back end, the Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) camera offers a camera link digital output, providing for plug-and-play video with 12-bit images for digital image processing or transmission. The 640CSX camera operates from -40 to 70°C case temperatures, was built for rugged operation and includes the assurance of MIL-STD-810G environmental testing.

Call: 609-333-8200.

Visit: www.sensorsinc.com.

Cold chain monitoring

Shifting the temperature just a few degrees can render a vaccine ineffective. Onset is addressing this with its InTemp CX400 series.

The InTemp CX400 series is a pharmaceutical cold chain monitoring series that includes a range of data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers and other temperature-controlled environments.

The InTemp CX400 series enables clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical firms to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation on using digital data loggers for continuous temperature monitoring.

The loggers feature a display of the current temperature, as well as the daily minimum and maximum. Featuring +/- 0.5º C accuracy, they provide reliable temperature readings, and deliver audible and visual alarms in the event of a temperature excursion or a disconnected temperature probe.

CX400 Series loggers are complemented by Onset’s free InTemp mobile app. The app’s ability to download and send data and share reports means employees can meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Call: 800-564-4377.

Visit: www.onsetcomp.com.


Leine and Linde have developed three encoder series with EtherNet/IP communications. For the most extreme environments, such as in steel and mining applications, the 1000 series is available. The 900 series offers EtherNet/IP communication in combination with incremental signals. The encoder’s dual output makes it suitable in drive applications connected with the control system. The 600 series is ideal in demanding environments where space is an issue.

The encoder series uses Leine and Linde’s Profinet gateway to allow for exchanging the encoders without interrupting bus communication to other nodes in the network.

Call: 805-562-1160.

Visit: www.leinelinde.com.


Zontec has updated the Synergy 1000 statistical process control software. Included in version 9.0 is the key performance indicator dashboard that allows users to assess, track and analyze factors contributing to production efficiency.

Also in this update are improvements to the application that perform calculating and reporting. Other features provide more versatility as to what events will trigger an automatic prompt for a user to document assignable cause, corrective action or other events that take place in the process.

Users will find enhanced toolbar icons in the program and a startup screen when initially launching the application. The ability to add a company logo to certificate of analysis reports helps users to further customize their work.

Call: 513-648-9695.

Visit: www.zontec-spc.com.

Hydraulic scale

Keytroller’s hydraulic scale, the Precise Hi-Accuracy forklift scale, offers weighing precision nearly as accurate as carriage or fork-load cell scales. The product is water resistant and designed to withstand tough, abusive applications. The Precise Hi-Accuracy forklift scale is equipped with a 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen and solenoid-operated bypass module.

Hydraulic fluid under pressure bypasses through the module, pass the sensor, where it samples hundreds of pressure readings. This technology enables the product to maintain a 0.2 maximum deviation.

Users are able to name up to 100 different channels. Each channel stores up to 1,400 events with independent identifiers entered for each weighment. Weighing event log data is time and date stamped and can be exported where the data can be manipulated into reports, graphs and charts.

Call: 813-877-4500.

Visit: www.keytroller.com.

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